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Jeff Sutherland

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Why Do People Go Bald?

Intrigued by comments on hair loss and frequency effects I analyzed many different cases of Alopecia Areata. Recently, my son returned from Baghdad with an itchy scalp and sure enough, he picked up the “bald head virus!” It was a good opportunity to test him carefully and update the frequencies.

In every case of complete hair lost I found a virus with frequency 365466 and in most cases of partial hair loss, I found the bacterial form of the virus predominated with frequency 254466. As you will recall from previous postings with a photo of the SV40 virus attacking a cell, there are four components of a virus that can be seen in the photo. So you need four frequencies.

In testing a few people with little hair loss I found the same organism so the virus is quite widespread. I suspect that the observed genetic predisposal to hair loss is confounded by the fact that familial infections are common.

In any event, the following F100 program wipes out the virus. If you have a plasma device that only operates below 10000hz, then devide the frequencies by 64.

repeat 60

dwell 60

duty 50

pulse 64 75

converge 23 1





end repeat