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Jeff Sutherland

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Flu Protection: What to Do While You’re Waiting for the Flu Vaccine

Everyone has a home remedy for the flu and mine is being passed around on the internet so I’m posting it here as well. Of course, anyone who takes my advice is performing research on themselves at their own risk, and really should be working with their health practitioner. Remember, Madame Curie died of radiation poisoning by experimenting on herself.

Speaking of radiation poisoning, this month a study from Europe showed that the average CAT scan generates the same radiation dose that a Hiroshima survivor received at 1.5 miles from ground zero. For every 1200 CAT scans, the authors estimate that one cancer tumor is induced by radiation poisoning. I asked one of my physician colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital how many CAT scans they do every week and it is astronomical. You could experiment on yourself over there as well, but I digress.

The flu can be hazardous to your life so it is best to be prepared. That doesn’t mean you need a flu shot. There are other alternatives.

For flu protection, I use Delisos Dolivaxil. One dose tube a week for three weeks and then skip three weeks and another dose tube. It has all the flu strains identified by WHO for this year in it and it works as effectively as flu vaccine. Better yet, no flu vaccine side effects. You may need your health practitioner to order this.

For those of you who are still skeptics about homeopathy, refer to my earlier posting this month on the definitive paper on proof of the homeopathic effect. Anyone who argues against it must now prove that five of the leading laboratories in Europe all made the same mistake at once. Even Randi the Magician will have a hard time with that.

If you get the flu, Oscillicoccinum will usually stop it in its tracks. I have never heard of anyone who died from the flu who took it. You can put a single tiny pellet in a bottle of water, shake it up and sip as needed throughout the day.

Oscillicoccinum is in every health food store and whole foods supermarket in the country and is Boiron’s top selling product. I tell everyone they are risking their life if they don’t have this in their medicine chest. The flu vaccine does not prevent the flu a lot of the time even it you get the flu shot. Everyone needs this homeopathic remedy.

Finally, anyone over 40 who is not taking Transfer Factor Plus should seriously evaluate their health strategies. It boosts the immune system by 4-6 times, better than any immune supplement and I have tested dozens of them. You can call Dale Fawcett in Seattle at (360) 598-6585 for that. Tell him I sent you.

I’ve stopped a flu epidemic in an office of 50 people, every one of them infected, in one afternoon with Oscillicocinum and an immune supplement. I got tired of having to disinfect myself with Rife frequencies every day. Some of the staff went home and said it cured their babies from nursing.

Of course, whenever I do this, I take flak from my fellow healthcare executives who want to avoid any liability. (It is usually not the physicians who complain as they tend to take my advice). So usually I just irradiate my office with a Rife protocol and make anyone who comes in sign a release form.

Failing all of the above, the Rife protocol for the flu will be posted within a few days of an outbreak. Last year we beat the CDC and state health agencies in announcing the flu epidemic. I attended a Los Angeles Health Department briefing on their bioterrorism alert network at the American Medical Directors of Information Systems meeting recently. The LA team was almost as fast in picking up the epidemic and much faster than health departments in the Northeast. They did it by monitoring the purchase of cold remedies in drugstores in the LA area and produced very cool colored maps of hot spots.

So people buying their own home remedies for the flu are the canaries in the coal mine that announce the flu epidemic to public health officials.