Cellphone Hazards

Industry urges more research after study links cell-phone use, tumors

RCR Wireless News, 18 Oct 2004, page 3.

By Jeffrey Silva

“This is what we were afraid of, that the latency would be a ticking time bomb.”

WASHINTON–The wirless industry last week dismissed a new study it helped fund that found long-term mobile-phone use can increase the risk of a benign tumor know as acoustic neuroma, research that comes as wireless health litigation shows signs of being resuscitated in the courts.

The study, coordinated by the World Health Organizaiton as part of the 13-nation Interphone research program, urged caution in interpreting the finding of increased risk of acoustic neuroma on the side of th ehead where the handset is placed for individuals with 10 or more years of cell-phone use.

Jury awards $2M to family of teen killed by drive using cell phone

RCR Wireless News, 18 Oct 2004, page 14.

By Jeffrey Silva

WASHINGTON–A Virginia jury awarded $2 million to the family of a teenage girl killed after being struck by a car driven by a lawyer talking on her cell phone, capping another lawsuit at a time when the wireless industry, federal regulators and state legislatures struggle to convince the public that talking and driving don’t mix.

The verdict was delivered earlier this month in Loudoun County Circuit Court, located just outside of the nation’s capital. Jan Wgner, 33, a lawyer at the time with Cooley Godward L.L.P., hit and killed 15-year old Young-ki Yoon with her Mercedes the night of March 8, 2000.

According to news reports and lawyers involved in the case, Wagner did not stop and continued on until she reached her home. Wagner reportedly stated she thought she hit a deer.

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