Parasites: Using Electromagnetic Devices to Kill Them

Over the past decade, I’ve eliminated thousands of parasite infections. Everyone has at least several of them. Most go unnoticed.

This week I’ve provided frequencies for some very interesting parasite infections caused by herbal protocols that cleared them out of the intestinal tract, only to have them migrate to another part of the body.

To eliminate parasites requires the precise frequency for each stage of the parasite life cycle (at least four, often seven or more). This requires careful testing of the person along with the specific parasite strain, which can be done remotely with a high resolution digital photo.

General frequencies and zappers usually annoy parasites rather than kill them, often stimulating them to move around and proliferate. Also, killing one parasite, or one strain of a parasite allows other strains to proliferate. And killing a parasite infected with another parasite, virus, bacteria, etc., releases those pathogens into your system. Taking the random frequency or shotgun approach to parasites can generate a major Herxheimer reaction.

So usually, I figure out what the parasite are infected with and kill that first. Then shoot the parasite in all its stages. Then watch for what starts to proliferate and kill that. While herbal protocols will usually clean out your digestive tract, the parasites will often move to other parts of your body, particularly the brain and sometimes veins which can cause blood pressure and high pulse. Athlete’s foot parasites seem to have a particular affinity for the brain, maybe one of the factors in the “jock” personal type. So you really want to use frequency devices that provide a whole body effect. The right herbs are a good adjuvant therapy to keep the body loading down while you eliminate the stragglers with frequency devices.

Finally, a parasite may hole up in a very specific organ or portion of an organ system and nothing will eliminate it without plate zapping. So you need to have a means of detecting where in the body a specific parasite is hiding, figuring out what it is infected with, determining the stages of its life cycle and the specific frequencies for those stages, along with slightly different frequencies for different strains of the same parasite.

It’s a daunting task. As a result, most people do not get consistent results with Rife frequencies for parasites without some expert assistance.

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