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Jeff Sutherland

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Are Cell Phones a Health Risk?

Do you think cell phones a health risk? If yes, get a Green8, put it on your phone, and keep it away from your body. Ionizing radiation causes DNA breaks and chromosome aberrations which increase the risk of cancer. It is prudent to assume anything that causes the same thing is very risky. The cellphone industry reminds me of the cigarette industry 20 years ago. They kept saying we had not “proved” that cigarettes cause cancer. Eventually they started losing legal cases involving victims so “proof” probably depends more on a judge and jury than on science.

Researchers find DNA breaks from RF radiation

Jeffrey Silva, RCR Wireless News, 27 Dec 2004, p. 7

WASHINGTON–European researchers have found DNA breaks and chromosomal aberrations from radio-frequency radiation like that emitted from mobile phones, but they said new data does not prove handsets pose a health risk and called for more research…

“There was a strong postive correlation between both the intensity and duration of exposure to [RF radiation] and the increase in single- and double-strand DNA breaks and micronuclei frequencies” stated the study’s summary.