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I received a query about pollen frequencies. Below is an item from 9 May 2002. I’ve moved it to the top of the page so those who subscribe to my Google group will find it searchable there.

This morning at 6am the sun was shining, the pollen count was high, and the wind was gusty. A perfect morning for a pollen protection experiment. Upon awakening, I detected a couple of pollen frequencies that I did not pick up earlier this week. I treated for 486563, 485653, 483644, 488777, 498853, 488777, 477557, 463756, 496137, 468657. This completely cleared my head and chest. I set my BioPhoton Integrator to broadcast the FSCAN frequencies, strapped on my heart monitor, and headed out the door for a cross country run up a couple of steep hills and into the forest. Taking along Don Croft’s Terminator zapper for extra protection, I detected no allergy symptoms throughout the run. No slowing down going up hills. Best run I have had for a while. I picked up samples of oak, maple, and birch because the Allergy Alert said they were most prevelant. Testing them on return, I got the frequencies 466676 (oak), 466764 (maple), 463878 (birch) and added them to my FSCAN list, along with 463555 which I picked up in my sinuses on return. I treated myself for a minute or two at each of these frequencies to make sure my system was clear. Off to Starbucks, where people were talking about how high the pollen count was and how bad it was going to be that day. Mission accomplished. No allergic response for the rest of the day.

The leaves were fully out this morning and it is the aroma emanating from the leaves that causes the problem. Even touching the leaves to test them caused me some discomfort. While the early pollens appear to be in the 488KHZ range, the leaves are in the 463KHZ range. There are a lot of different frequencies out there from different trees at different stages and it is important to identify the ones that you are most exposed to. I can envision a device like the shoplifting detector in a store that emits a magnetic field cycling through the pollen frequencies and keeping people who come in and out of the store free from allergens.

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