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Jeff Sutherland

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Nanobacteria Update: New Frequencies Supercharge Your Immune System

Photo by Domenic Spinale, Feb 2004

Nanobacteria frequencies are regularly updated and available to Frequency Foundation subscribers (see link on side of this page to sign up). The exact frequency for stimulating mercury release has been determined and added to the list because so many people are contaminated with mercury from dental filings, fish, and other environmental contaminates.

Chelation supplements (EDTA) will help flush heavy metals out of the body. However they also dissolve the nanobacteria calcium shells, releasing nanobacteria into the system and causing them to proliferate, making it essential to use nanobacteria frequencies with chelation therapy. Oral EDTA prior to using these frequencies will disperse nanobacteria so they can be killed and is recommended. Using EDTA after using these frequencies may disperse more nanobacteria and require reapplication of frequencies.

Several people have asked me if the frequencies on the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) will work for nanobacteria. These frequencies are 634, 317, 1268, 1902. My testing indicates that 317 and 1902 should be added to list. The other two may already be taken care of by other frequencies in the nanobacteria series or are not effective.

Frequencies sets are developed independently of any list. They are derived from orginal research, must be identical for at least half a dozen infected individuals, and must generate definitive results for those individuals before publication to subscribers. They are also regularly updated based on input from researchers around the world. New research is then tested on people who were positive for the original frequency set before adding new frequencies to the list.

Use of any of the frequencies is a research project undertaken at your own risk. The major risk is that they work! Competent clinicians have occasionally used frequencies posted (not the nanobacteria frequencies) and achieved a dramatic and immediate effect by killing targeted pathogens. This generated side effects that were not easily dealt with. Going slow and testing carefully for side effects is recommended.

Recently, while working with a blood sample of lymphocytes that were not functioning properly, I tested the leukocyte in the blood photo above to find out why it was sitting there fat, dumb, and happy, when it should have been eating pathogens. The cell appeared to be in perfect condition. The environment around the cell was fine. The culprit was the little organism in the cell wall pointed to by the arrow in the picture. This appears to be a nanobacteria and it had completely shut down the functioning of an otherwise healthy leukocyte.

Nanobacteria sanguineum is an nasty organism that severely compromises your immune system. About half the people I have tested are infected with it. Almost anyone who has been vaccinated has it because the cow serum used to make vaccines has been contaminated. It will pass through the placenta so you have it if your mother was infected. Antibiotics are useless, with the exception of tetracycline. However, because of its ability to surround itself with a calcium shell when attacked, even tetracyline can’t get at most of it.

The organism is pleomorphic (has many forms) and I have identified the frequencies in the F160 program below. Even a healthy infected person can use these frequencies for 45 minutes. With a moderately suppressed immune system, several hours are required. A severly suppressed immune system may require 10 hours. Because of the length of time required, the Advanced Biophoton Analyzer is the preferred modality for dealing with this organism.

Infected people may notice a profound effect from nanobacteria frequencies. They will improve functioning of the immune system by at least a factor of four. Transfer Factor Plus improves the immune system by a factor of four and the effect is multiplicative, i.e. the combined effect improves immune function by a factor of 16. The Advanced Biophoton Analyzer can be used to improve it by another factor of three using techniques developed working with Olympic athletes. The combined effect of all three in individuals with compromised immune systems could be 48 or greater!

Some people who have emailed me think that cholesterol buildup in the arteries is the result of nanobacteria. It may be that cholesterol is a response to the inflammation of the arteries now known to create problems is caused by nanobacteria, as well as other pathogens. It would explain why chelation therapy seems to work because the EDTA clears out calcium in the arteries that may be deposits from shells formed by nanobacteria. My tests indicate it would be wise to take oral EDTA capsules when using these frequencies.

If nanobacteria is destroyed does arterial plaque buildup go away? It may help slow arterial buildup but probably will not eliminate it. Research study links recently posted on this site show that injecting oxidized LDL into mice innoculates them against atheroslerosis. My research indicates this is due to infection with a specific bacteria (not nanobacteria) that is highly prevelant in the U.S. and European population. Killing this bacteria appears to unlodge plaque and release several other organisms that must be also eliminated, including a variant of the Rife BX BY organism. There is also a group of parasite infections that can be eliminated by frequencies that  lower cholesterol levels by 100 points in a few hours in some individuals.

What has definitely been experienced by infected people using these frequencies is an enhanced immune system, an increase in energy, and decreased need for sleep. In one case they turned a teenager sleeping 18 hours a day whose long term survival was at stake into a normal energetic teenager overnight.

Animals are infected also (they’ve been vaccinated). My cats used to sleep peacefully until 7am. Now they are bounding out of bed before 6am and insisting everyone get up. Nanobacteria frequencies are available to Frequency Foundation subscribers. See link on side of page to sign up. Use these frequencies at your own risk, particularly when applying them to pets!