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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

LifeWave: Most Innovative Energy Medicine of 2005

The lay public and even professionals often misunderstand, ignore and even ridicule radically different technologies and new commercial products, when they appear to deviate too much from conventional established approaches. The LifeWave patches remarkable alter the body metabolism to burn fat and increase energy. This can be measured is many different ways including oxygen metabolism, muscle strength, and leaner body mass.

In order for the marketplace to accept and embrace a radically different new commercial product the public must understand a product’s unique benefits and how it differs from other products on the market. A recent call involved more than 1000 people with Dr. Karl Maret and Stanford University’s and Olympic Coach Richard Quick. They pointed out the and how these patches differ from other products on the market. Dial 971-221-1167 and you can listen to this call.

I have been experimenting with the new LifeWave patches and find that they work really well for increasing energy level without supplements. They are particularly useful when driving long distances. I get out of the car at the end of my journey with the same high energy level I started the drive with.

The LifeWave patches interact with the electromagnetic field of your body. No substance enters your body. In fact, I tape them on my clothes to avoid sticking them on my skin. The currently available patches send a message to your body to increase energy and burn fat.

There are only certain spots on your body that work well and the effect varies among individuals, so you will need to try it for yourself. A set of patches only costs a few dollars and I have set up a website for people to use to buy them.

Get LifeWave patches here.

My tests indicate the patches increase my energy level by 70% when they are applied to exactly the right spots. If you have a Cameron Aurameter, you can use it to check for yourself. There are other strategies such as using Takionic wrist bands that allow the patches to increase my energy level by 300% as measured by the Cameron Aurameter. Needless to say, when I do my weight workout now, it seems like I am loafing.

Several of the people I work with have tried them out. Most feel an immediate effect, some more than others. In some people, certain spots on the body work better than others. Therefore, some form of kinesthesiology or Aurameter testing is recommended to get it exactly right.

The interesting thing about the patches is that you feel no effect when you put them on. It’s just when you start doing something you find that you don’t get tired. By getting more oxygen to the brain, you will get improved mental function as well as enhanced physical function.

With my enhanced strategies for the patches, I find it important to wear them as recommended only 8 hours a day, and only every other day. My body is so charged by the end of a day with the patches that it carries through the next day without wearing them. If I wear them more than this, I’m not ready to go to sleep at night and tend to stay up too late. This, obviously, will overwork my system so as in all things, moderation is the best course.

I like strategies that are designed to harmlessly enhance function for athletes, i.e. improve performance rather than just treat disfunction. LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches have been tested by the USADA and the US Olympic Committee. The results consistently show that there are no banned substances and nothing enters the body.

The Stanford Olympic coach thinks the patches are as useful for little league baseball players as members of his Olympic swimming team. Nothing goes into the body. Metabolism is simply enhanced and the effect is not noticed until you begin doing something and notice more strength and stamina.

The combination of Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula to boost immune function, Rife frequencies to eliminate persistent pathogens, and LifeWave patches to provide sustainable energy is a winning combination.