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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Newletter March 2005

Every month, my new research, combined with new results published in the leading medical journals, provides new findings that expand the capabilities of electromagnetic fields for eliminating pathogens, improving cellular function, and generally enhancing health and well being. There is so much going on that a monthly update is becoming useful. Specifics on most of these items are found elsewhere on this web site.

My process for scanning and transmitting frequencies continues to improve:

1. Hardware – The inventor of the ABPA continues to provide enhanced cables for testing. The goal is to have a factory approved cable available to everyone at a future date. This cabling is at least five times more effective at getting power transfer to pathogens by remote transmission. The cable that comes with the ABPA should be connected to a frequency generator and run under the input well of the ABPA until a factory approved direct-connect cable is available.

2. Software – Carrier waves improve effectiveness and shorten treatment times by a factor of two using a special setup on the F160 frequency generator. Using scalar technology improves it by another factor of two. My software is four times as effective in transmitting frequencies remotely using the ABPA. Software and hardware enhancements are multiplicative in their effects.

3. Technique – Doing a full scan from 30mhz to 100hz identifies aberrant cell frequencies, pathogens, toxic proteins, and enzyme frequencies. Using an Anatomy atlas, pathogen locations can be targeted precisely.

4. Pathogen frequencies – For bacteria and viruses I am picking up toxin proteins released when they are killed. Targeting them with the pathogen significantly improves effect and eliminats most Herxheimer side effects often experienced. Viruses all have at least four specific frequencies. Bacteria have a primary frequency and a toxic protein frequency.

5. Enzyme frequencies have been developed for specific organ systems. These stimulate function of specific organs and provide a capability for the human body that has similar effects to an oil change and tuneup to your car.

6. A new strategy for fat burning has been developed. It is used with a specific green tea supplement which I recommend to everyone.

7. More research has been done on nanobacteria and new frequencies have been developed. My research shows these organisms are associated with everything from skin rashes to arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. Most people are infected with nanobacteria. The book, “The Calcium Bomb”, is highly recommended reading.

8. Specific frequencies for atherosclerosis have been developed based on recent research in Europe which showed inoculating animals with Oxidized cholesterol prevented plaque buildup. This confirmed earlier research published in major journals showing heart disease is directly related to inflammation. My new finding is frequencies for the specific organisms that are causing the inflammation, a bacteria, nanobacteria, and a virus.

The result of this research is that my hardware setup is about 100 times as effective as most uses of the ABPA for frequency transmission. The ability to target pathogens in a specific organ with a precise frequency dramatically improves results.