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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Flu Alert: Chicago Flu

The second major flu of the season is going around and I now see cases in California, Chicago, Florida, Boston, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C. with the same frequencies. It is not as complex as the Florida flu but can be more serious as it contains a corona virus like SARS, although not as virulent. The flu package contains the usual parasite, typical virus, corona virus, candida, random organisms, and a flu signature frequency.

I call this the Chicago Flu since that is where I first saw it. There may be some variability in the parasite and virus strains. However, the F100 program below is working on about a dozen people.

repeat 7
dwell 720
duty 50
program b
vbackfreq a 8103.083928 0 50
converge .1 .001
vbackfreq a 403.42879 0 50
converge 1.9 .01
#2663667 flu signature frequency
6602.570374 #scalar octave
vbackfreq a 20.08554 0 50
converge 6 .01
33464 #corona virus
converge 18 .01
#386667 candida
19251.02 #scalar octave
converge 2.1 .01
converge 2.1 .01
#566675 666666 667666 445444 666346 567787 other organisms
28213.09 33191.35 33241.13 22177.35 33175.41 28268.45 #scalar octaves
#455655 365666 254536 164665 parasite
22685.73 18205.44 12672.60123 8198.187613 #scalar octaves
#367654 246556 166546 65656 #virus
18304.41 12275.30 8291.837088 3268.819761 #scalar octaves
end repeat

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