Evolutionary Biology: What Doctors Don’t Learn in Medical School

Many of the questions about electronic medicine can only be answered adequately by understanding that our body is like a rain forest with more foreign organisms than our own cells. The life and behavior of these visitors determines our health, longevity, mental stability, and affects everything about us and our lives. Ewald’s book is the best introduction to evolutionary biology I have seen and there are clues interpersed throughout the book that will help those doing research on electromagnetic devices and healing. Highly recommended!

According to conventional wisdom, our genes and lifestyles are the most important causes of the most deadly ailments of our time. Conventional wisdom may be wrong. In this controversial book, the eminent biologist Paul W. Ewald offers some startling arguments:

  • Germs appear to be at the root of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, many forms of cancer, and other chronic diseases.
  • The greatest threats to our health come not from sensational killers such as Ebola, West Nile virus, and super-virulent strains of influenza, but from agents that are already here causing long-term infections, which eventually lead to debilitation and death.
  • The medical establishment has largely ignored the evidence that implicates these germs, to the detriment of public health.
  • New evolutionary theories are available, which explain how germs function and offer opportunities for controlling these modern plagues-if we are willing to listen to them.

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