What are H. Pylori Frequencies?

Update: This is a very old post. In 2023 we have dozens of strains of H. Pylori in the Frequency Research Foundation database and use them on a daily basis helping hundreds of clients a month in our Photoanalysis Remote Rife Frequency clinic achieve Twice the Energy with Half the Stress. 

Many people have asked for frequencies for H. Pylori as it is often resistant to antibiotics. I have updated the frequencies based on seeing many more cases of H. Pylori.

The photos above are from Barry Marshall’s picture book of H. Pylori. The one on the right is from a biopsy of his stomach after drinking a beaker full of the bacteria.

Frequencies can vary with different strains of organisms in different people, or there may be multiple strains in a single individual. Is this case, the frequency of the organism in both pictures is 268647hz with a bandwidth of 28hz. When bacteria are killed they appear to always release a toxic protein with a frequency in the 9000-12000hz range. The protein frequency for this strain of H. Pylori is 10655hz with a bandwidth of 4hz. Both freqencies should be targeted.

I’ve received requests on how to run these frequencies on an F160. Currently, I am running a unique combination of carrier frequency that is a scalar octave of the original frequency. It takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the F160 and shortens run times dramatically. I leave it to the reader as a exercise to figure out why this works as it cannot be explained in a short note. Documentation of this programming language can be found in the F160 manual.

repeat 10
dwell 240
duty 50
program b
vbackfreq a 20.08554 0 50
converge 2.1 .01
#268647 #original frequency X
13375.14 #scalar octave = X/exp(3)
10655 #toxic protein
end repeat

About an hour with a pad or plasma unit will be required to eliminate this pathogen, preferably plate zapping for half the time with a microscopic slide of stomach tissue. Plate zapping introduces target tissue into the electromagnetic field of the frequency generator and acts as an electronic filter which alters the impedance match of the field to target tissue. As a result, about four times more energy in the electromagnetic field will resonate with target tissue.

If these frequencies do not work the first time, H. Pylori may not be present, or the strain present may have been modified in the process of becoming resistant to antibiotics. A slightly different frequency might be required and the frequency would need to be tested for with the infected individual. A high resolution digital photo is required for this.


  • Trent Posted May 7, 2021 8:01 pm

    Jeff, this research is amazing! Very helpful! My life was saved by resonate frequencies, I’m aiming to help save many others. I’ve been doing lots of research on it for a couple of years now and learning a ton. I have 4 questions this article brings to mind that I’ve really been wanting to ask you! 1) Do most or all bacteria release toxic proteins in the 9khz to 12khz range? 2) Is the typical bandwidth for other bacteria also around 28hz or? 3) What is the typical bandwidth for viruses and parasites & eggs? (I imagine it’s much higher for parasites) and 4) Any idea if you could find the MOR frequency for the toxic spike proteins being generated and spread to others from covid vaxxed personas? Is there a way you can I could communicate?

    • Jeff Sutherland Posted May 9, 2021 9:39 am

      For bacteria I look first in the 200K range, for viruses 300K, and for parasites 400K. Then I determine a full frequency set of about 50 frequencies from 50MHZ down to 100HZ. The higher frequencies disrupt the DNA, the midrange resonant with the organism to cause it to self-destruct, and the low frequencies target proteins and other toxic components that are released when you destroy a pathogen.

      Frequencies for contagious vaccinosis (shedding of spikes from the vaccinated) can be downloaded for free under an open source license as part of the COVID protein disruptor frequencies package. It will be increasingly critical for people to use these frequencies (along with other COVID frequencies) to reduce the bleeding and brain damage widely reported by physicians treating thousands of patients.

      • Trent Alvarez Posted May 10, 2021 10:03 pm

        Wonderful! Thank You!! Do you have a book that you’ve written that would help train a person and gain some of your knowledge on frequencies and energy medicine? Do you train or take on students or anything like that? You’re a wealth of knowledge, what ways are there to obtain that knowledge and learn what you know?

        • Jeff Sutherland Posted May 16, 2021 3:10 pm

          I have a booklet that I pass out in workshops. Send an email to info@frequencyfoundation com and I will send you a copy.

          • Randy Zapototsky Posted January 29, 2023 12:22 am

            Please send me a copy of your booklet on frequencies and energy medicine. My information that you requested is enclosed.

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