Pollen and Aircraft Pollution Frequencies

Pollens are lower today in the Boston area but noticable on my 5K practice run across the Tufts University campus. Wearing my LifeWave patches with my Takeonic wristbands helps to generate more energy and stamina which makes the run more fun.

New techniques allow identification of precise frequencies for pollens which cause allergic reactions and the specific plant associated with the frequency. The allergic symptoms are the immune system’s attempt to kill the pollens. Regularly and systematically eliminating pollens with electronic frequencies makes up for immune system deficiencies and gradually improves immune system response. Some pollens I am not allergic to this year whereas in previous years I needed remote tranmission of frequencies during a run to avoid allergic symptoms.

Frequencies today were 466765 (maple), 464668 (poplar), and 454457 cottonwood. The following program used with an ABPA (call Dale Fawcett at (360) 598-6585 for details) will augment the immune system by transmitting each frequency for 10 seconds during a 60 second period. This will eliminate allergic symptoms in most people and must be maintained with there is exposure.

For elimination of pollens and mold in the home, I recommend “The Boss” Air Purifier. Call 800-399-4426 at ewater.com, tell them Dr. Sutherland referred you, and they will give you a discount.

Meanwhile, this program will eliminate allergic symptoms:

repeat xxx (for as many minutes as exposed)
dwell 60
duty 50
program b
vbackfreq a 20.08554 0 50
converge 2.1 .01
#466765 maple, 464668 poplar, 454457 cottonwood
23238.86097 23134.45748 22626.08173 #scalar octaves
end repeat

There was significant aircraft pollution today as scan be seen in the photo below. The sky would have been perfectly clear blue except for the barium/aluminum smog laid down by aircraft overhead. Those exposed should run the program published previously.

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