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Jeff Sutherland

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Updated: Aircraft Pollution Comes To Your Back Yard

The chemtrail frequencies have been updated. In both dogs and humans I have picked up a viral frequency at 34666 that was not wiped out by the previous program.

Aircraft pollution in the Boston area was a problem in April. The pollution trail you see in the photo was taken from my back porch. In the center of the photo there is a tiny white line showing a real contrail that is narrow and dissipating quickly.

The fuzzy clouds in the background are haze generated by many aircraft dumping their load in the atmosphere. Since I had picked up biological activity in people previously from this contamination and there was noticable respiratory effect in a healthy person, I went to work on analysis of contaminants.

Active biological agents in these pollution trails can be detected with the FSCAN in the 66000hz range. Here is an FSCAN graph generated for 66000-6700hz with a delta of 10.

These peaks are debilitating and can be deadly, particularly for animals who get excessive exposure. Here is the blood of a dog so sick it was about to undergo euthanasia. The frequencies in this dog’s blood are the same as in the photo above.

Instead of a final visit to the veterinarian, this dog was bounding about in the fields the day after application of frequencies. Unfortunately, the rally was temporary and the dog later died. The problem was identified too late.

It is a good idea to deal with this problem immediately upon exposure. The best way to eliminate these peaks is with an F160 frequency generator driving an Advanced BioPhoto Analyzer (ABPA). The program below created from the FSCAN DIRP frequencies gave positive hits when plate zapping with lung and nasal epithelium slides indicated that the biological contamination was confined to the lungs and sinuses immediately after exposure. Note that discussion of the barium and aluminum content of this aircraft pollution is beyond the scope of this note. The most serious biological component is shigella, a bacteria that causes stomach problems and dysentery. Dogs with a lot of exposure are bleeding with running sores. This is a reportable disease, so call your local health department.

repeat 7
dwell 60
duty 50
program a
converge 0 0
39032.6 #barium
31905.6 #aluminum
program b
vbackfreq a 20.08554 0 50
converge .5 0.01
#biological agent frequencies
converge 1.3 .01
#34666 shigella – this is a reportable disease, call your health department
converge .5 0.01
#66230 66270 66320 66330 66400 66580 66590 66600 66610
3297.397538 3299.389021 3301.878374 3302.376245 3305.86134 3314.823012 3315.320883 3315.818753 3316.316624
end repeat

The entire interior of my house was contaminated. Only by using a HEPA air cleaner in occupied rooms was it eliminated. Hospitals and clinics in the Boston area should get ready for the impact of a high pollution day. Of course, they will chalk it off to springtime pollens.

Researchers familiar with this site have used exact frequencies of pollens posted with an ABPA to eliminate allergic reactions even when a highly allergenic individual is running a 5K race. So I can easily identify pollen frequencies. There is no pollen contamination inside my house today, only aircraft delivered contaminants. Running the program above delivers relief in 5-10 minutes.

The high pollen count reported today at must have aircraft delivered pollution as a major component. It would be of interest to analyze the contents of their sampling stations.

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