Jim Bare Paper on Frequency Harmonic Associations

Understanding Our Frequencies Through Harmonic Associations
James E. Bare, D.C. Copyright © 2005

Besides being public, our frequencies are kept secret and then traded, swapped, or at times sold to the highest bidder. We have had absolutely no idea if there is some superiority to using one frequency over another . Does 2017 work better than 2116, or 2127, or 2150? One occasionally hears of some individual with cancer responding at 727 or 802 . Frequencies that are supposed to be for one condition are helping with another . Why does this occur? There is a mystique to our frequencies which have created limitations to treatment outcomes. All too often it seems frequencies are almost magically derived. Seemingly discovered by some unknown process, and then promoted as the latest and greatest solution to the physical problems that ail us. Until now, we have just had to exist with this situation. Hoping that the frequencies we utilize will actually work, and won’t be little more than just a number on a piece of paper.

This paper is about how our present day audio range frequencies with a direct Royal Rife or John Crane lineage came into existence. It is about how to examine existing frequencies for reliability, and generate new frequencies that can be utilized with some confidence. From the methods discussed in this paper, thousands of new frequencies will be derived, and effectiveness of our treatments should increase significantly.

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