Chi Power: Check Yours Daily

In response to a recent question about Chi-Lel Qigong, I strongly recommend it. It is a medical form of Tai Chi that maximizes the Chi in the body with the minimum of movement. As a result, anyone can do it, even when incapacitated. The Cameron Aurameter or any mode of kinesthesiology testing can be used to check the Chi level in the body. On my scale (other people’s may be different) a sick person commonly registers 7000 while a health athlete is 40000. Using one simple Chi Lel movement, I have learned to pump it up into the millions within 60 seconds.

Recently, I tested an Aikido black belt teacher who registered in the millions in the normal state. He said the secret was storing the Chi in the abdomen and staying centered there.

I recommend everyone check their Chi level every day and fully load their body with it. Learn enough Chi Lel to do this. You will not only feel better and be more resistant to infection, your personal power will be felt in a positive way by those around you.

As I write this, I am sitting at the dining room table in my Cape Cod house which is built on top of a power spot. There is apparently a quartz formation under the house which will pump anyone’s Chi into to the millions on my scale. All they have to do is sit in a certain chair at the table or stand in front of the kitchen sink. It’s a great way to get people to volunteer to wash the dishes!

As Linus Pauling said, part of the scientific method is that the investigator be willing to accept all the facts. Here is a test of your ability to use the scientific method.

Robert Neff of Business Week reported, on 23 January 1995, page 60, on a training session in Tokyo with high ranking Japanese executives fro Mitsubishi Electric, NEC, Oki Electric, and Sony:

“Few Japanese executives come more dapper and cosmopolitan than Shoichiro Irimajiri, an executive vice-president of Sega Enterprise Ltd. But unaware that a journalist was watching, he appeared to come unglued on a recent evening in a Tokyo gymnasium. It started with the 55-year-old Irimajiri bowing and reaching out to touch the entended hand of Kozo Nishino, a master of ki–or life force. Just before making contact, Irimajiri suddenly recoiled and screamed as if he had been zapped by a ray gun. Flying 20 meters backward, he crashed into a padded wall, fell to the floor, and started writhing and yelping. Getting to his feet, he jumped wildly up and down, and then when back to Nishino for a second jolt.

“What’s going on here? Buckle your seat belt: This could just be the latest chapter in the Secrets of Japanese Management. For besides Irimajiri, dozens of other Japanese executives are flocking to Nishino to strengthen their ki. They believe this improves health and stamina, rids them of stress, enhances self-control, and keeps them youthful. Irimajiri, who visits Nishino’s Tokyo center three times a week at about $20 per session, credits ki with curing a serious heart ailment several years ago.”

How many physicians and physicists dismiss this data out of hand without ever investigating? Check out: Nishino, Kozo. The Breath of Life: Using the Power of Ki for Maximum Vitality. Kodansha International, 1997..

Anyone who investigates will find out that Nishino’s program is just one of many. The Chinese use medical Tai Chi extensively as a means to cure the worst possible diseases on a regular basis. Chi-Lel Qigong should be part of everyone’s basic health maintenance program. Until recently, a hospital with 10,000 patients used Chi-Lel exclusively to treat all disease. The physicians did diagnosis only with modern equipment. No drugs, medicine, or surgery were allowed in the hospital. Room and board was $70 per day. Unfortunately, political problems in China caused the government to prohibit any large gatherings in recent years, so only small groups can be treated today under tight government observation.

Things are not as they seem. The average American walks around with blinders on, not to mention totally unnecessary health problems.

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