Programming the Human Biocomputer

New F165 Frequency Generator-shipping real soon now

For frequency transmission, my preferred device is the F160 Frequency Generator which is soon to be replaced with the F165. The quality of the signal, the flexibility of the device, and the programming language are superior.

The programming language is useful because it communicates exactly what signals and timing the hardware is transmitting. From an F160 program, you can derive a program for any other device. Many people ask me about the meaning of the terms in the programming language. This is thoroughly documented in Atelier Robin’s excellent documentation which you can access by clicking here!

For example, here is a sample of the documentation on what dwell means:

dwell s

Sets the default dwell value. The dwell is the length of time the requested frequency will be generated. The dwell value specified will be applied to any subsequent frequency in the program file up to the next dwell or cdwell instruction.

Argument units: s in seconds
Range: s: 0.0 to 20000000.0


dwell 120 # Run for 2 minutes
dwell 0.5 # Run for half a second
dwell .75 # Run for 3/4 second

The F165 square wave frequency generator will be released in real soon, maybe in June, but don’t count on it. It replaces the F160 the top of the line generator at Atelier Robin. It is a completely new design with many advanced features, the main one being that is a stand alone generator. It does not need a PC or Palm Pilot to run, edit and store frequency files. It is also possible to connect the F165 to a computer via a USB port and control it with the F100 3.0 software for MS-Windows in the same way the F150/155 operate from a PC. Program files written for the current F150/155/160 are compatible with the new F165.

I am upgrading my lab at this time to eight Advanced Biophoton Analyzers that will each be driven by an F165 device along with some proprietary hardware that substancially increases the output of the systems and enables precise targeting of tissue types. The F165 has three frequency channels instead of two like the F160. This will allow me to generate increasingly complex programs that will initially run the primary frequency as a carrier wave modulated by two difference scalar octaves. As I have often said, the pathogens can run, but they can’t hide from this technology. Pretty soon, they won’t even be able to run.

I’ve spent over 30 years hacking computer systems, starting in the Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1970. Since the turn of the century I have been hacking the human biosystem with the same kind of computing hardware and software. This summer for beach reading I’m going to go back and reread Dr. John Lilly’s classic, Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocomputer. Lilly would be quite amazed at what is possible today.

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