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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Store Wars: Join the Organic Revolution!

People are always asking me for diet recommendations. I usually tell them it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you eliminate all packaged foods and go to Whole Foods or Wild Oats and buy organic. Your taste buds will guide you.

Actually, you can often do well at Cosco. I get a barbecued chicken (tests high on the Aurameter), a carton of organic greens, and a whole fresh pineapple for about $10 and can eat for almost a week on it. I get some whole fresh olives in olive oil, chop them in quarters, and put them on the greens. You don’t need salad dressing with this. Add a little dried fruit and fresh nuts (also from Cosco) for variety. Goes well with a glass of fine red wine.

The combination of this, a few frequencies, and a little exercise can drive your high cholesterol level down to 150 and keep it there.

So here is a great short video on the organic revolution. Dick Loyd has posted the latest takeoff on Star Wars on his web site. It is quite amusing and worth a look. Check out Store Wars.