Multivitamin Supplement Extends Aging in Mice

A good multivitamin supplement is the cornerstone of preventive health and life extension. All are not created equal. It is essential to do kinethesiology testing or blood analysis to select the right supplements and determine if the right effects are being achieved.

A Complex Dietary Supplement Extends Longevity of Mice
Jennifer A. Lemon, Douglas R. Boreham and C. David Rollo
The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 60:275-279 (2005)

Key factors implicated in aging include reactive oxygen species, inflammatory processes, insulin resistance, and mitochondrial dysfunction. All are exaggerated in transgenic growth hormone mice (TGM), which display a syndrome resembling accelerated aging. We formulated a complex dietary supplement containing 31 ingredients known to ameliorate all of the above features. We previously showed that this supplement completely abolished the severe age-related cognitive decline expressed by untreated TGM. Here we report that longevity of both TGM and normal mice is extended by this supplement. Treated TGM showed a 28% increase (p <.00008) in mean longevity. An 11% increase in mean longevity was also significant (p <.002093) for treated normal mice, compared to untreated normal mice. These data support the hypothesis that TGM are a model of accelerated aging, and demonstrate that complex dietary supplements may be effective in ameliorating aging or age-related pathologies where simpler formulations have generally failed.

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