Update on Lyme: It’s not just in ticks any more!

Mosquito Magnet Full of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is far more widespread than I thought. It is now in the mosquitos on Cape Cod which means everyone is infected. Getting a heavy dose of Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme spirochete, from some huge mosquitos in my back yard was equivalent to Barry Marshall drinking a beaker full of H. Pylori. I got an immediate systemic infection with Lyme organisms.

The good news, is that when I get infected myself, I can document the course of the infection in terms of the frequencies that manifest in precise timing. This allows me to elucidate that nature of the many of the organisms and build a script to target all manifestations of the multiple pathogens. The resulting F100 program may be useful to Lyme diseases researchers. The following chronicles my 4th of July experience.

Summer vacation are always ideal times for frequency research. Close to nature in warm, humid weather, spending time on the beach, eating large quantities of seafood, and walking through the woods allows intimate contact with all kinds of creatures like bugs, parasites, bacteria, fungi, and potentially new organisms never analyzed before. You may remember from a previous posting that after DNA sequencing contents of the intestinal tract, Gibson at the University of Reading in the U.K. found that 75% of the organisms had never been identified before in the scientific literature. So I’m always on the lookout for new findings.

After doing some work on mold discussed in a previous note, I started analysis of mosquito bites. I soon found that by identifying the frequencies of the contents injected by the mosquito into my bloodstream, I could quickly eliminate itching and inflammation. On the evening of 2 July by the barbecue in back of my Cape Cod home, there were some huge mosquitos. I had just cranked up the Mosquito Magnet for the season. On testing a bite on my leg, I picked up 365665hz. Zapping it with my FSCAN2, the itching went away immediately.

However, I woke up in the middle of the night with my knee joints aching. Running a DIRP on the FSCAN, I found a large series of peaks running from 365000hz to 367000hz. I had already figured out this was a bacteria and the 2000hz bandwidth indicated that this bacteria was probably resistant to every antibiotic available. After zapping the peaks, I identified the toxic proteins generated by the bacteria at 9887hz and programmed an F160 to transmit the two frequencies all night to me from one of my ABPAs back in Boston.

As I was doing this, a lightbulb went off. I had previously determined the frequencies from a photo of Borrelia burgdorferi from the New York State Department of Health and the frequency was 366665hz! Rechecking the photo confirmed this.

Checking photos of those with diagnosed Lyme disease and other family members, I found the same frequency. There were also proteins and other forms of the organism at 9667, 3774, 266665, 2444, and 466hz. Over the next day I picked up 4665666hz which are most likely cells being compromised. I see frequencies in this range often when eliminating fat cells.

The organisms went quickly to the joints, particularly the left knee joint just about where I was bitten, as well as the spinal cord, liver, and medulla oblongata which controls breathing, circulation, and muscle tone.

Rechecking the CDC web site, I confirmed the photo below had a frequency of 667766hz. This is from the white dots which appear to be the cyst form of the Lyme parasite. The Pasteur site lists many strains of Borrelia, all of which appear to have primary frequencies between 365000 and 367000hz where I was getting the peaks on my FSCAN DIRP function. The mosquitos apparently carried multiple strains of the organism.

The mosquitos were also infected with Babesia which has a frequencies of 444746, 344144, 246446, and 144244hz.

Everyone I tested with mosquito bites, as well as people across the United States with known and suspected Lyme disease tests positive for these frequencies.

One of the advantages to my systematic approach is that I can run a mini-clinical trial on dozens of photos in an hour or two. Obviously, this is not a well controlled randomized study. However, when you get 100% success rate such controls are not necessarily relevant. When John Snow had enough data during the 1857 cholera epidemic in London, he simply disconnected the pump handle from the common water supply in the square and watched the disease disappear in the surrounding area. The F100 programs on this site are like the pump handle.

On day three, I began picking up 166667hz in my left knee. I have been finding this off and on for years in my system and thought it might be algae as it has a very wide frequency bandwidth. However, examination of the tick larva at the Pasteur site indicated that this is one of the larval forms of the Lyme parasite. All forms of the parasite life cycle need to be destroyed as the parasite will continually reinfect the host with Borrelia burgdorferi. The frequencies are 477646, 346666, 246666, 166667, 76665, and 56777hz.

Running the first program below for more than 24 hours with the ABPA eliminated knee pain and difficulty lifting the leg. I can see how people can be disabled from these organisms. My wife who had the frequencies broadcast by another ABPA woke up the next morning with an itchy spot on her back and toes. This was a cystic form of a second strain of the Lyme parasite. It is typical to have another parasite strain appear when the dominant strain is removed.

The second program below was used for the second Lyme parasite strain, as well as a third strain which was identified later in the week. I have tested these programs on dozens of people across the United States, Europe, and in the Ukraine. They all respond to exactly the same frequencies which indicates they may be generally useful. The consistency of these pathogen frequencies across people tested indicates that a huge number of people have a subclinical Lyme infection. Almost 100% of the human population will be exposed in areas with infected mosquitos. Only my cats, who were kept indoors, were not infected.

Symptoms from this episode were familiar to past experiences. In 1968-1970 I was an F-101 fighter pilot stationed on Cape Cod and experienced lower back pain which I attributed to the stresses of flying the aircraft. It persisted until 1993 when I cured it with homeopathy. Frequency work accelerates the course of a disease and during the week after the current incident, I repeatedly encountered the same back pain that I had in the 1960’s so I am convinced that it is a similar infection. Much of the lumbar pain in the United States may be caused by subclinical Lyme infections.

In general, I don’t post frequencies on request, only to elucidate mechanisms. In each individual case, there may be residual organisms that need further analysis. However, for this major public health problem the information is available for those researchers who can apply and extend the results. The F100 programming language is documented on Patrick Robin’s web site.

repeat 15 # cook pathogens until well done – you may have to vary the number of repetitions
dwell 720
program b
vbackfreq a 403.42879 0 66.6 #generates all primary frequencies from scalar frequencies
duty 66.6
converge 1.2 .01
#4665666 aberrated cells – primary frequencies are commented out
11565.02975 #scalar octave – all frequencies not commented out are scalar octaves
converge .6 .01
vbackfreq a 20.08554 0 66.6 #generates carrier wave at primary frequency
duty 66.6
converge 0 0
5677.4 #neurotoxin by erhlicia
converge 9.3 .01
#264664 erhlicia
converge 14.6 .01
#667766 556567 477646 346666 246666 166667 76665 56777 46655
33246.11150 27709.83928 23780.59406 17259.48384 12280.77701 8297.86132 3816.92560 2826.76038 2322.81567
converge 5 .01
9667 3774 2444 466
converge 5.6 .01
dwell 1440
converge 50 .01
#365000 central frequency for Borrelia burgdorferi
converge 9.6 .01
#444746 344144 246446 144244 Babesia
22142.59951 17133.92086 12269.82385 7181.48589
end repeat

#Second and third strains of Lyme parasite
repeat 30
dwell 360
program b
vbackfreq a 20.08554 0 66.6
duty 66.6
converge 9.6 .01
#667556 545357 456475 346676 246666 166467 76665 56677 46655
33235.65621 27151.72624 22726.55203 17259.98171 12280.77701 8287.90391 3816.92560 2821.78167 2322.81567
#666767 567656 446765 356566 277676 156656 76475 57665 46344
33196.37421 28261.92808 22243.1196 17752.37582 13824.674 7799.442982 3807.466053 2870.971297 2307.331896
end repeat

There are many pathogens that emerge after the first two programs are run. For example, there are hundreds of strains of Borrelia. Other strains emerge when you knock out the primary strain. Frequencies tend to emerge in a time sequence. The frequencies in the next program are in the reverse order of emergence. They have been checked against at least a half a dozen people for consistency and will be updated often. You will need to check back regularly if you are experimenting with these frequencies.

repeat 30
dwell 360
program b
vbackfreq a 20.08554 0 66.6
duty 66.6
converge 3.6 .01
#666666 344443 144444 264443
33191.34572 17148.80719 7191.44330 13165.84172
converge 0 0
5776.4 #neurotoxin
converge 9.6 .01
12667 13762.78867
#444333 666444
22122.03745 33180.29299
#566666 357666
28212.63888 17807.14159
#424644 66444 444445 265441 344446 66667
21141.77986 3308.05197 22127.61360 13215.52921 17148.95655 3319.15449
#167676 244341 5644 366766
8348.09648 12165.02207 280.99821 18260.20392
#366667 356665 266667 644446 566437 666644 144667 376777 144366 77466 34464 566667 367366 447644 44577 766646 246464 447467 167676
18255.27500 17757.30474 13276.56816 32085.07706 28201.23765 33190.25041 7202.54582 18758.62226 7187.55991 3856.80504 1715.86152 28212.68867 18290.07616 22286.88243 2219.35815 38169.05682 12270.72002 22278.07012
end repeat

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  • Jeff Sutherland Posted July 10, 2005 4:03 am

    Some important frequencies were added to the Lyme program and typos were corrected on 10 July 2005.

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