Using the ABPA as a Mosquito Repellent

Lyme organisms were identified in mosquitos at my Cape Cod home. The attached image of a female mosquito is from the CDC web site.

Transmitting frequencies with an F160 frequency generator connected to an ABPA stirs up the organisms before they are eliminated. This is the typical cause of the “hit” phenomenon when using Rife frequency devices.

My theory was that by transmitting frequencies for Lyme disease to the side of my house which was infested by mosquitos, it would stir up the organisms in the mosquitos and they would avoid coming near that side of the house.

This turned out to be the case. Within a few hours, a heavily infested area in the barbecue area behind the house was mosquito free.

Even more interesting, Beardon has noted that scalar waves stay resident in an area after transmission. The area has been clear of mosquitos for a week after a few hours of transmitting scalar octaves of the Lyme frequencies.

As soon as you go around to a side of the house that did not receive the frequencies, there are mosquitos and they are Lyme infested.

Interesting experiment. The downside is they don’t come near my Mosquito Magnet as it was in the target area.

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