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Jeff Sutherland

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Kikuchi’s Disease and Parvovirus B19

Kikuchi’s disease is associated with benign lymphatic tumors which can be mistaken for lymphoma. It has been associated with Parvovirus B19 (see photo from New York State Dept. of Health). It’s frequency is close to that of the Epstein Barr virus so symptoms may be mistaken for mononuclosis.

This is quite a nasty virus and difficult to eliminate. Any virus will alter cells to become factories for producing the virus so targeting malfunctioning cells is important.

Researchers may want to try the following F165 program as it may be useful in eliminating Parvovirus B19. I’m interested in hearing about any success with this frequency program.

repeat 40
dwell 360
program a
vbackfreq b 0.002478752 0 66.6 #scalar octave
converge .016% 1
4444343 #aberrated cells
vbackfreq b 0.049787068 0 66.6 #scalar octave
converge .044% 1
344777 266780 156666 66666 15544 #Parovirus B19
end repeat