Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

While most people have had a cardiogram, few know that Einthoven won a Nobel prize in 1924 for discovering how to record the electromagnetic field of the heart. Even fewer know that this field is now detectable from 15 feet away from your body and that every cell has an electromagnetic field that can alter its behavior when manipulated. Thus the basic work has already been done to chart the direction for building a StarTrek Tricorder which can detect a diseased energy pattern and manipulate it towards health. Somes devices are already on the market that, while primitive compared to a Tricorder, do the job remarkably well.

Many people attribute energy medicine effects to the placebo effect. The placebo effect is always there in any clinical encounter or clinical study. It is an important and real effect with the body often generating real chemical compounds as strong as the most powerful drug.

Most scientists don’t know that every patient at the Stanford Medical Center when I was there studying biostatistics was in a clinical trial in order to take advantage of the placebo effect on all patients, not just the ones getting a new treatment. The National Institute of Medicine, notes in a recent publication, that the brain changes induced by opiates are the same as that induced by a placebo effect. It is far safer and often more affective to induce a placebo effect, than to give a drug with negative side effects, particularly when the response is the same or better.

Frequency medicine works on dogs and cats as well as on humans and there is little chance of a psychological induced placebo effect there, particularly when treatment is remote and they are not aware anything is being done. And there is a huge amount of scientific data on real electromagnetic effects in carefully controlled human studies enumerated by Oschman. To bad most physicians never read these papers.

Enough said. These comments suggest that ignorance of the scientific literature in this field is widespread, even among leading scientists, and the first prescription for the brain disfunction resulting from this lack of knowledge is Oschman’s book. I recommend it to all my colleagues.

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  • Jeff Sutherland Posted November 6, 2005 8:51 am


    All biomchemical interactions are the result of electromagnetic phenomenon so all can be enhanced or disrupted by electromagnetic fields. Cells can be stimulated or eliminated, genes can be turned on and off, chemical pathways can be enhanced or reduced.

    Of course, changes in the chemical content of the cell or DNA cause changes in the electromagnetic characteristics.

    When you say “precedes” the health of the cell, this implies there is a lag time between application of an electromagnetic field and cellular change.

    Electromagnetic effects are not unknown to scientists as there are thousands of papers published in this area. However, physicians almost never read them. This is one of the strange cognitive gaps in medicine like the fact that many cardiologists don’t know about the Lyon study which shows the right diet can reduce death from heart disease by 60-70%.

    There are hundreds of different device types used to alter electromagnetic fields from the TENS device used by physical therapists to the latest laser devices approved by the FDA which will deliver any frequency set. For programmability, ease of use, quality and control of waveform, and low cost you can’t beat the new F165 frequency generator from


    Hello Jeff,
    Please tell me if you think the following statement is accurate. It relates to your recent post on the Scientific Basis For Energy Medicine.

    Stated another way….
    The energy pattern of the electromagnetic field is the precursor for the “physical condition” of the cell.

    Western medicine would perhaps say the physical condition of the cell would precede the energy pattern of the electromagnetic field if it recognized the EMF at all.

    Please elaborate on the “devices currently on the market” which manipulate energy fields rather well.

    Edward Richards
    Chicago, IL

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