RestQuiet Patches: Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

LifeWave patches work with the electromagnetic energy field of the body to induce desired affects. Nothing enters the body through the skin.

I regularly use the RestQuiet patches to sleep like a log. One patch on the right temple, or on an accupressure point just under the right collarbone works great. A single patch works for a minimum of two nights.

You can order a test kit for $14.95. If they work for you like they work for me you won’t go anywhere without them. Order LifeWave patches by calling (866) 420-6288 and giving them my distributor number 603396 or by clicking on:


  • no Posted December 23, 2007 6:44 pm

    Jeff, your order link isn’t working in IE7 Dec 23/07

    What is the accupressure point just under the right collarbone? do you have a picture or diagram of the point?

  • Jeff Sutherland Posted December 23, 2007 9:25 pm

    I have updated the link and it should work now.

    The point under the right collarbone is midway between the shoulder and the throat under the collarbone. If you run your finger under your right collarbone starting at your shoulder and moving towards your throat, about midway you will feel a soft indentation. That is the pressure point for the Rest Quiet patches.

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