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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Frequency Research Foundation Workshop, Las Vegas, 17-19 Feb 2006

The next Frequency Research Foundation Workshop in Las Vegas will be held at the Atrium Suites Hotel, a Non-Gaming hotel starting Friday evening on 17 February, 9-5 Saturday, and 9-12 on Sunday.

We will be discussing the latest research using the ABPA, F-165, F-Scan, EM machine and the Aurameter and show participants how to use the devices to obtain the best possible results based on recent animal research.

Recommended Preparation

    Participants should bring a professional model Cameron Aurameter (available with a Frequency Research Foundation discount from www. or equivalent device. The chrome model is best for frequency work.

    Two books are recommended reading:
    Hawkins, David. Power vs. Force. Hay House, 2002.
    Oschman, James. Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis of Energy Therapies . Churchill Livingstone, 2000.

    Workshop Agenda

    • Background – Evolutionary Biology/Pathogen Lifecycles
    • Finding Frequency Sets – hands on exercises
    • Equipement Setup – hands on exercises
    • Applying Frequencies
    • Latest Results in Animal Research
    • Case Studies – hands on exercises
    • Lastest research on Lyme disease, Avian flu, and other pathogens
    • Impact of frequencies on organ systems and cellular function
    • Other topics too numerous to mention

    On Saturday, Dr. Richard Loyd will discuss his lastest work with the FSCAN and Dr. David Kenney will review his recent animal research.using frequency devices as complementary therapy in his veterinary clinic.

    Please e-mail Jeff Sutherland or Dale Fawcett with any requests or suggestions you may have for workshop content.

    Participants are required to sign a standard waiver form indicating that these are research results and for use by others at their own risk. Certain material is proprietary and the Patent Office requires participants to sign a standard business non-disclosure to allow future patent proceedings. All information is available for use by participants personally or in a clinic or research center.

    Free Pre-Workshop Immunity Seminar
    Thursday evening at 7pm on 16 February, all are invited to a free Immunity Workshop covering the latest research on Transfer Factor and its effects on the immune system.

    Free Post-Workshop ABPA Certification
    Sunday afternoon, 19 February, Dr. Alan Back will run a post workshop ABPA Certification Workshop that will be free to participants. Dr. Back is the inventor of the ABPA and will provide insight into how if functions and using it for best results.

    Discounted Hotel Rates
    Discounted hotel rates are available by calling the Atrium Suites Hotel and asking for group reservations at 800 330-7728 ( and mentioning the Frequency Research Foundation Workshop. We think you will enjoy this hotel and encourage you to register in our reserved a block of rooms as soon as possible to get reduced rates.

    Private Sessions
    A few private sessions with Dr. Sutherland are available on Friday and Sunday afternoon. If you are interested contact Dale Fawcett ASAP as these will run out quickly. You can reach Dale at 360 598-6585 or e-mail him at [email protected]. Dale is offering special discounts on pre-workshop Equipment/Education packages to get a head start on training using many of the methodologies that will be discussed during the Workshop.

    To register, click on the Paypal button at the upper left on this page.. If you’ve attended any of the previous Frequency Foundation Workshops you may take a $50 discount by scrolling down to the bottom left side of this page to the lower Paypal link and enter the appropriate amount.