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Converting F165 Programs to Frequencies for the FSCAN

Frequencies on this site are always expressed in the F165 scripting language as F165 programs are precise and can be easily converted for devices that lack automated capabilities. A common conversion is from an F165 program to frequencies for the FSCAN.

#F165 Sample Program
repeat 5
dwell 720
program c
vbackfreq a 0.002478752 0 66.6
vbackfreq b 0.049787068 0 66.6
converge 0 0
12677.6 # protein
converge .17% .1
1662 2774
end repeat

The repeat 5 command causes the program to cycle 5 times.

The dwell is time in seconds so 720 seconds means run for 12 minutes. It you repeated 5 times the total would be 60 minutes.

The FSCAN does not support multiple channels so ignore the scalar waves generated by vbackfreq commands.

The converge function is roughly equivalent to wobble for the FSCAN and converge 0 0 means wobble 0.

The converge .17% .1 command means wobble at .17% of the frequency at an
interval of .1hz. The FSCAN only wobbles with an interval of 1hz so
ignore the .1hz.

Multiply 1662 by .17% = 2.8hz for wobble.

Multiply 2774 by .17% = 4.7hz for wobble.

Multiply 248666 by .17% = 422.7hz for wobble.