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Jeff Sutherland

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Zeolite in Combination with Rife Frequencies

An important area of research to be discussed at the Las Vegas workshop is nutritional strategies for use in combination with Rife frequencies to target malignant cells. Immune enhancing supplements, in combination with frequency applications, helps deliver a one-two punch to malignant cells.

For immune enhancement I use Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula exclusively on a daily basis. Occassionally, those with auto-immune diseases do better on regular Transfer Factor. I have seen Transfer Factor alone enable the immune system to kill basal cell carcinomas.

Searching on for zeolite and cancer will give you 104 new medical journal papers to add to your reading list. Zeolite has been packaged into a patented nutritional supplement called Natural Cellular Defense. There are others coming onto the market.For cancer or suspected cancer (like a high PSA level), I add Zeolite to the supplement program to give an additional boost to the immune system, assuming muscle testing for the supplement is positive.

Patent applications and even patent submissions are in the public domain and easily accessible from the U.S. Patent Site from the link below. The government grants patent rights to inventors only if they put the patent into the public domain so others can see exactly what the patent is, how it works, and what it applies to. This patent has been assigned by the inventor to Lifelink Pharmaceuticals who owns all rights to it. It is not clear whether rights have been further assigned to others.

United States Patent 6,288,045
Kaufman September 11, 2001
Epithelial cell cancer drug


A method of treating epithelial cell cancer comprising administering to a mammalian patient diagnosed as having an epithelial cell cancer a therapeutically effective amount of 4,5 di-cyclo, disilico, dimagnesium, dialumino, oxyo, trihydrate, or its acetate, sulfate, hydrochlorate, or brominate salts. The composition is synthesized from a naturally occurring non-toxic zeolites, and has a 100% kill rate within 72 hours against buccal mucosa and ling squamous epithelial cell cancers. It is not cytoxic to healthy human cells.

Inventors: Kaufman; Harvey (Hudson, OH)
Assignee: Lifelink Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Stow, OH)
Appl. No.: 591701
Filed: June 9, 2000


The present invention is directed to a new and unique anticancer drug, which is identified generically as 4,5 di-cyclo, disilico, dimagnesium, dialumino, oxyo, trihydrate (3Mg++.3Al.sub.2 O.sub.3.3SiO.sub.2.3H.sub.2 O), which is a magnesium aluminosilicate (referred to hereinafter as “MAS”), and which are in the acetate, sulfate, chloride, or brominate form. These compositions come from a class of inorganic aluminosilicate chemicals known as zeolites. The compounds of the present invention are particularly useful in treating epithelial cell cancers in mammals.

The involvement of cancerous epithelial cells, which lead to the formation of solid tumors in humans, in such organs as the lungs, breast, skin, mouth, and colon are known as carcinomas. Most of the epithelial cell cancers are treated using chemotherapeutic agents and these tend to be toxic, and have immunosuppressive side effects. When treated this way, the cancer patient must then wait up to 3 weeks for his next treatment, until his immune system has restored itself.

Cancers involving human epithelial cells come from solid tumors of the breast, lung, stomach, liver, uterus, colon, skin, mouth and uterine cervix can form. Adenocarcinomas from secretory tissue and squamous carcinomas from protective linings are the two basic categories of carcinomas. Epithelial cell based cancers proliferate rapidly respecting no cellular boundaries. To fully understand how to treat epithelial cell based cancer, one must start at the cellular level, this involving use of cell culturing techniques. Present day drugs used for chemotherapy do not directly attack the cancer cell with any great accuracy. Drugs such as Methotrexate and Vincristine are toxic to normal healthy cells and diminish immune system functions. These usually offer the cancer patient extremely disquieting side effects such as diarrhea, hair loss, vomiting and weakness. The toxicity of these drugs often shorten their use or require a very intermittent use. The average chemotherapy cannot be used more than once a month.

A large effort has been put forth by the medical research community to find new drugs for the treatment of epithelial cell based cancers. Carcinoma of the lung, breast, prostate, and colon all together account for more than half of the deaths from cancer in North America. Anticancer drugs have for the most part been categorized into alkylating agents such as cytoxan, antitumor antibiotics such as dactinomycin and antimetablite drugs such as methotrexate. Most, if not all, of these chemotherapies have major side effects and are toxic.

It is well known that chemicals cause 95% of all cancers contracted by humans. Some of the most potent carcinogens are aldehydes, ketones, pyrenes, benzpyrenes, benzene, and nitrosamines. Nitrosamines were looked at early on because they are carcinogenic agents found in cigarette smoke and in the causative agents of rubber polymers.

Zeolites are natural hydrated silicates of aluminum and, usually, either sodium or calcium or both. Zeolites such as sodium aluminosilicate have a unique multi-dimensional structure of cavities into which small to medium size molecules and cells can be trapped. They exist in natural and artificial forms and are used extensively for water softening, as detergent builders, and cracking catalysts. Natural zeolites include analcite, chabuzite, heulandite, natrolite, stilbite, and thomosonite.

Zeolites have been used in animal feed. For example, as reported in “World Food & Drink Report”, Apr. 19, 1990, hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate, an anti-caking agent used in animal feed, may reduce levels of aflatoxin in the milk of animals eating contaminated grain. Further, German patent DE19755921 teaches the use of zeolites or klinopitolites, that are used as food additives for human consumption as an aid to health, after they are treated with tribomechanical action to increase their surface area and destabilize their structure to release their chemical potential. These materials are thought to be a useful defense against cancers such as lung cancer, cancer of the colon, and skin cancer, and they are recommended for improving blood circulation.


The present invention has resulted from the discovery that epithelial cell cancer can be treated by administering to a mammalian patient having an epithelial cell cancer a therapeutically effective amount of 4,5 di-cyclo, disilico, dimagnesium, dialumino, oxyo, trihydrate acetate, sulfate, hydrochlorate, or bromate. The composition of the present invention is synthesized from a naturally occurring non-toxic zeolites, and has a 100% kill rate within 72 hours against buccal mucosa and ling squamous epithelial cell cancers. It is not cytoxic to healthy human cells.