Excellent cancer article/video by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Chasing the cancer answer
Broadcast: March 5, 2006

In the next generation, the Canadian Cancer Society says almost one in two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer. One in two.

Cancer occurs when cells are triggered to grow abnormally. Triggers include genetics, radiation, and carcinogens.

It might be your husband, your daughter, your brother, your neighbour.

It might be you.

After Marketplace host Wendy Mesley was diagnosed, she began a long and personal journey. Along the way, she came across disturbing clues about why more Canadians than ever are getting sick.

When prevention isn’t enough

Mesley says she thought she was doing everything right. The Canadian Cancer Society touts its seven steps to health:


1 in 2.3 men and 1 in 2.6 women will have cancer in their lifetime.
Don’t smoke
* Eat your veggies
* Exercise
* Stay out of the sun
* Get screened regularly
* Visit your doctor and dentist regularly
* Avoid cancer-causing substances

Those are all great tips for healthy living – but like so many other Canadians with cancer, Mesley did all of them and still got the disease. Clearly, there must be something else going on.

The real cancer story is the fact that nearly one in two of us are going to get this disease.

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