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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Dealing With High Pollen Count

High pollen today. The most prominent pollens are maple tree with frequency 476666 (scalar octave 1181.5) and oak at 442444 (scalar octave 1096.7) . Pollens are living organisms. If your immune system kills them quickly, you do not have allergy symptoms. If your immune system is weak, you need a frequency assist to kill them. Most people with allergies have chronic fungus and parasite infections that lower immune response and aggravate symptomology. For best results, these chronic infections must be eliminated as well. In any event, you can run the following program on an F165 and remain symptom free. If you have an ABPA, you can broadcast the frequencies so you do not have to hold on to the electrodes.

#F165 pollen program
label loop
program c
vbackfreq b 0.002478752 0 66.6
vbackfreq a 0.049787068 0 66.6
duty 66.6
dwell 13
converge .0066% 1
442444 #oak
converge .16% 1
476666 #maple
pause 47
goto loop

If you need more or less power you can increase or decrease the “dwell 13” command. This is the number of seconds the frequency is transmitted.

Advanced practitioners should pump up their Chi level. Start with Chi Lel. Lately I have been using high gauss magnetic plates under my feet and magnetic balls in my hands from Peter Ragnar. Using strategies outlined in the “Magus from Java” you can raise your Chi level 20-25 times higher than normal, enhancing your immune system.

When I was out running this morning, I noticed some shortness of breath. I had not checked pollens before I started. Using muscle testing, I identified the maple frequency 476666. I have found that pumping Chi into the affected area while mentally holding the intent of a specific frequency will disable the organism. In this case, it cleared by lungs and sinuses and enhanced my immune system so that I could continuously kill the maple pollen and I was no longer bothered by it.

Ultimately, it is possible to use the information gained by frequency analysis to transcend the need for machines. Once you can do this for yourself you can do it to help others.