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Jeff Sutherland

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Pentagon pushes for complete freedom to violate all environment regulations

As a West Point graduate, former fighter pilot, USAF Academy faculty member, and long time supporter of national security (11 Air medals and a Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism in combat), I strongly urge you to hold the military accountable for any violation of environmental regulations. They have unleashed everything from plutonium to rocket fuel on unsuspecting populations and have routinely tested biological agents to the detriment of those unknowingly sprayed with them. Military activities can be devastating worldwide and the Pentagon is now pressuring Congress to allow them freedom from all environmental regulations. This is not necessary for national security. It is all about the money and the freedom to be lazy, incompetent, and deadly without any risk of being held accountable.

The latest identified risk is widespread contamination of people, water, and food supply from perchlorates in rocket fuel. I have incorporated frequencies for this in my toxic metals and chemicals frequency set which I will publish later this year.

The Organic Consumers organization has made it easy for you to send letters to your Congresspeople on this issue:

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has released its long anticipated report on the human health effects of perchlorates, a byproduct of rocket fuel. Perchlorates, which are a common pollutant near military sites, have recently BEEN FOUND IN DRINKING WATER IN 35 STATES AS WELL AS IN 93 PERCENT OF LETTUCE AND MILK.

Along with the report, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set drinking water standards indicating that perchlorates are roughly TEN TIMES MORE TOXIC to humans than the Department of Defense has been claiming. Perchlorates can inhibit thyroid function, cause birth defects and lower IQs, and are considered particularly dangerous to children. Monitoring wells across the U.S. are now finding perchlorate levels as high as 30,000 times what the EPA indicates would be safe exposure.

To avoid liability, the Pentagon is currently pressuring Congress to pass a new bill that states the military does not have to adhere to any environmental regulations (as a matter of national security).

Please take 30 seconds to send a quick online letter urging your Congressperson to protect the nation’s food and water by reducing perchlorate pollution. Take action and learn more about this issue here:

Please also forward this message to interested friends and colleagues. (source: Organic Consumers Association