Experience Report on Harmony Chips

BTW, having great results on energy with the Harmony Chips despite diagnosed Chronic Fatigue. I am wearing three (3) in a headset when I meditate and achieving deep meditation states quickly and easily. Wearing this configuration has helped effectiveness of my power naps. When I wear the headset to sleep, I wake up even after only four hours of sleep, feeling rested. While I would not recommend doing this every day, those of us who are forced into short nights because of work and travel schedules will find these chips beneficial.

While I am awake, I wear one (1) chip on the thymus and one (1) on the solar plexus. If standing on concrete floors, I have found that my feet last longer with two (2) chips in my shoes. My productivity and efficiency have been boosted some 500%.

Putting a chip under my water is producing delicious water. I can really tasted the differences now. Seem to be able to notice chemicals and wanting to drink and eat more healthy food.

Hair and nails are growing much faster. Manicures have to be redone every three days now, as opposed to every two weeks. I feel stronger, healthier, more vibrant.

I recommend that any road warrior such as myself travel at least with four (4) chips. Having five (5) makes it much easier to show to someone who wants to see a chip.

Chris Abiera
Now Training Inc.

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