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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Feb 2007 Flu Frequency Update: Version 2.01

Flu season is here and the CDC flu charts are headed straight up! All the flu outbreaks I have seen during years where I have been analyzing frequencies have been transmitted by parasites infected with viruses, fungi, bacteria, insects, and smaller parasites inside larger parasites. The infected parasites keep reinfecting you so the symptoms linger. They also stir up other pathogens that might be quietly lingering in your body, particularly Lyme infections which exist in the majority of the population.

For those who got a good case of this year’s flu, it was the worst in recent memory – a month of congestion, sneezing, coughing, asthma symptoms, headaches, joint, and muscle aches and pains, with repeated reinfection. This is the most complex flu observed to date by the Frequency Foundation as it is carried by dozens of Lyme organisms. For those already infected with Lyme (more than 50% of people tested) it stirs up a dormant Lyme infection and makes the flu worse than ever.

The latest version of this flu frequency set contains:
· 2 flu viruses
· 13 helper viruses
· over a dozen insect frequencies
· at least half a dozen strains of the Lyme babesia parasite
· over a dozen strains of other Lyme parasites
· and the Gregory cancer “virus” (a type of nanobacteria) [1]

To make things worse, many of the parasites are infected with the other flu organisms so killing them with frequencies or otherwise releases more flu organisms and the brucella bacteria which is major component of Lyme disease.

Frequency sets are provided in the F100 programming language for use on F165 or other frequency generators, and for transmission by Advanced BioPhoton Analyzers (APBAs). Details on how to translate them to FSCAN devices are provided. Programs for plasma devices that operate under 10,000 hz are also included.