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Jeff Sutherland

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Cancer and Heart Disease: Things your doctor probably won’t tell you

CoQ10 and Cancer
William Faldon, Life Extension 2007 Collectors Edition, 3-5

A startling finding of CoQ10’s anticancer mechanism of action was discovered in recent studies … at the University of Miami… In a July, 2005 telephone interview, principal investigator Dr. S.I. Hsia told Life Extension:

“This is the first time in history we have been able to selectively teach a cancer cell to kill itself with CoQ10, via a mitochondiral mechanism without harming healthy cells.”

Tamoxifen used to treat breast cancer has a substantially enhanced effect along with CoQ10 in both human and animal studies.

NCI has documented several studies showing CoQ10 preventing chemotherapy damage, shrinking or eliminating tumors, decreasing use of painkillers, etc. Since they viewed these studies as inconclusive, they have scheduled two clinical trials.

You could die while waiting for the results of these clinical trials and you should be taking CoQ10 regularly anyway for general health. It is critical to heart function and a core component of Dr. Sinatra’s advanced treatment of heart disease. Why not use his ideas for prevention of heart disease and reduce cancer risk as a bonus?

My current preventive strategy for (1) heart disease, (2) cancer, and (3) staying out of the hospital (the three leading causes of death) is:

1. Diet and exercise – follow Kevin Trudeau’s recommendations. They work.
2. Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula – pump up your immune system 3-6 times.
3. Dr. Sinatra’s heart supplements which give you CoQ10
4. Dr. Sear’s fish oil for heart and brain
5. Green tea supplements to radically reduce risk of prostate cancer, among other things. Newer supplements are also fat burners so you can lose some weight in the process.
6. Echinacea – it may or may not help the common cold, but it will definitely increase killer T cell production which will reduce cancer risk.

While I do a few more things to keep the biological age of my heart 27 years younger than my physical age (as documented at the Frontier Medical Clinic aging research center), the simple practices above could conservatively eliminate over half the heart disease and cancer in the United States (not to mention diabetes and a few other annoying syndromes).

Save yourself! Your doctor can’t do it for you.