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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

More NFL Players using LifeWave Patches

My name is Obafemi Ayanbadejo and my brother and I both play football in the NFL. I’m a fullback for the Arizona Cardinals and this is my 9th year in the NFL. I was on the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens in 2000. My brother, Brendon, is a linebacker for the Chicago Bears, and is in his third year in the NFL.

My former coach, Greg Smith, gave us the patches before spring training and we have been wearing them ever since. I work out extremely hard and really know and understand my physical abilities and I noticed an increase in my endurance and ran the best splits I have ever run. I also noticed an increase in overall cardio and basically, the patches just allow me to run more and run longer.

Brendon says ” I like wearing the patches, especially on game day, because I love the feeling of the energy surge I get”.

Things for you to consider before trying LifeWave patches (energy, sleep, weight, …)

1. LiveWave patches work on the electromagnetic field of your body. There is absolutely nothing that goes into your body. As a result they completely avoid any of the possible negative side effects of drugs, herbs, or other supplements.

2. Changes are subtle when using LifeWave patches. You need to test over time. Superbowl champions measure their performance carefully. A 10% difference can win or lose a championship game. Patches will make more than a 10% difference, yet the average person is out of touch with their body energy and body performance and won’t notice it.

3. Sleep patches I use more than any other as they stop my mind from churning over things I have done or ought to do and I sleep like a log. However, I don’t normally have problems sleeping. If you have a serious sleep disorder, patches will not magically solve your problem. You might not even notice an effect.

4. You must have the patches on the right spot. This can be determined precisely if you are sensitive enough to notice an energy shift when moving them over the appropriate spot. You can use muscle testing, dowsing, whatever works for you. If you are unable to test with precision, you will get some benefit but not the maximum benefit.

That said, if you want to optimize performance during a normal working day, listen to champion athletes. They don’t use anything that doesn’t work!

Click here to order Livewave patches
. Or call (770) 246-2601 and give them my distributor number 603396.

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