Prostate Cancer Treatment: It’s all about the money …

FDA Officials Sued Over Conflicts of Interests
September 30, 2007. By Evelyn Pringle

Washington, DC: A lawsuit recently filed in a federal court in Ohio against FDA officials on behalf of terminal cancer patients provides a rare window into the inner workings of an agency hijacked by pharmaceutical industry giants and stacked with insiders by President George Bush to guard against any threat to the profits of his top campaign contributors.

The lawsuit’s complaint describes a conspiracy orchestrated by top FDA officials to basically drive a small company, Dendreon, out of business with the obvious goal of eliminating competition in what has become a thriving new industry involving the treatment of men with prostate cancer.

The complaint gives the details of a step-by-step plot to sabotage the FDA approval process of Provenge, the first-of-a-kind vaccine that can prolong the lives of men with late-stage cancer.

Note: This treatment involves a vaccine with virtually no side effects which replaces chemotherapy. This is a disruptive technology that could rapidly alter the landscape of cancer treatment. Current business interests will do everything they can to suppress competition from these treatments at the cost of patient lives.

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