Lyme Flu Frequencies Version 1.6

Frequency Foundation
Original Research on Lyme Flu
Version 1.6 – 9 January 2008
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All frequencies are based on original research on thousands of people, animals, microscopic slides, and high resolution digital photos and microscopic images of the actual organism. The Frequency Foundation database contains gigabytes of original raw frequency data from a decade of research. For questions, errors, or omissions contact: Frequencies are for research purposes only and may be helpful, harmful, or ineffective depending on how they are used. These programs may generate negative side effects in the form of Herxheimer reactions or other phenomenon and are only to be used by other researchers for experimentation at their own risk.

Lyme Flu

An unusual flu-like illness has been observed on the East Coast, West Coast, and Chicago by Frequency Foundation researchers. Analysis indicates that it is caused by Lyme organisms including six virus strains and a parasite.

All Lyme clients are infected with these organisms. This set of pathogens has taken on a life of its own and is infecting large numbers of people causing runny noses, sinus drainage, and other flu-like symptoms.

Of particular interest are two of the viruses which are strains of the Borna virus. This virus causes mental problems, depression, rashes, tooth decay and many other symptoms. In addition to elimination of cold/flu symptoms, application of these frequencies has reduced depression in some people and increased mental clarity in others.

Viruses are usually found in conjunction with parasites infected with them. This is the most likely route of infection in most flus. Microscopic parasites are passed by airborne or contact exposure. The parasites are infected with viruses and other organisms. Killing the viruses stirs up the parasites as they are now feeling much healthier generating a Herxheimer effect which can be dealt with by herbal supplements noted.

All persons with Lyme disease appear to be infected with the Lyme Flu and these frequencies will be incorporating into future releases of the Lyme frequency series.

Note: By the end of 2008, multiple major upgrades to Lyme frequencies have been producted with thousands of new frequencies. Become a subscriber and you will get latest updates. See button on left side of page.

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