Freuencies: Sound can create life and heal life

Sound, the Trigger for Life by John Stuart Reid

Viktor Schauberger, the brilliant Austrian scientist, working in the 1940’s and 50’s, may have been the first to study micro vortexes in water. Interestingly, micro vortexes carry the same basic structure as DNA! More recently, scientists in Hong Kong have demonstrated that micro vortexes can be created in the laboratory and are used to manipulate single DNA molecules. In other words, the bore of the micro vortex approaches that of the DNA double helix. It seems like divine irony that the very mechanism that may have created DNA is now being employed to manipulate it!

To summarise, we propose that the first strands of DNA were created in the micro vortex environments of primordial hydrothermal vents. Should micro vortexes be discovered within microscopic bubbles we have a model that begins to resemble living cells: a membrane (the surface of the bubble) with strands of DNA within.

If sound was indeed the trigger for life, it follows that sound alone should be able to heal life. The sound of ocean waves is certainly calming but the sounds imbedded within them may healing at a level we can currently only guess at.

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