Ingrid Naiman on the Population Problem

Egg is the midst of blood cells

Occasionally, a ecologically oriented article is so well written that it deserves wider distribution. Ingrid Naiman has sent me many high resolution photos of her clients blood over the years to determine frequencies for pathogens clearly visible in the blood sample. It is very strange to be staring at something that looks clearly like it was bioengineered. There is a lot more going on than the average person realizes in their blood. The medical community would rather that patients not look at their blood. Remember in the middle ages, the church decreed that parishioners should not read the bible, as they might pick up some erroneous ideas! Well they were right, and Martin Luther started a revolution that is still going on. Let’s hope for the same thing in medicine after people start analyzing their blood samples …

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There was practically no reaction to the article on Malthus but then, it was not about elephants painting!

If the recent post urging you to watch the Len Horowitz video and read the article did not motivate you, perhaps you will see the purpose when you read the news from Brazil:

or closer to home, here’s something on Gardasil:

At the risk of pushing buttons and getting emails telling me to write more on health, I feel prompted to use a little more persuasion than usual to urge you to understand the magnitude of the problems we face.

There are areas of economics that bleed into politics and unfortunately, there is far too much overlap between health and government. On a national or global level, a program that yields x percent of the desired results may be adopted because it’s good enough for political purposes.

Okay, let’s be concrete. If the issue is population and there are political forces who subscribe to the view that the world is overpopulated, they will look for ways to reduce population. Being politicians, they will consider the usual options, none of them humane: wars, famine, and disease. When orchestrated from the top, they are merely different forms of genocide, but they are instruments used by those with power to control what they perceive as problems. Unfortunately, those submitting recommendations usually have something to gain: they sell the weapons or the chemicals or the “medicines” that are going to be used to commit atrocities in the name of necessity or nationalism or self preservation.

As I brought out in the article, China tried to protect its people from international meddling in its domestic affairs by implementing the one child per family policy. Where religious pressures permitted, other countries developed family planning initiatives and many went the route of legalizing abortion.

For political purposes, the method of control used does not matter unless the government is regulated by conscience or sensitivity to perceptions. For personal purposes, a method that is partially acceptable might not be adequate. Let me make this graphic. Years ago I met a woman who said she had eight children by eight different methods of birth control failure. Okay, we can all have a little laugh at her expense, but the truth is we are unlikely to meet another person with a story like this. If a method is 80% reliable, a government might adopt it if it is cheap and easy to teach; however, a responsible couple will probably look for a method that is 100% dependable.

My point is simply that governments worldwide are on board with Malthusian fears and all are meddling in decisions that ought to be private . . . and unless you know this, you are very apt to become a victim.

War: The rest of the world has known for a long time that the events of 9/11 could not possibly have occurred in the manner suggested by officialdom and its cohorts in mass media who are funded by advertisements from the same companies that pad the pockets of politicians. Even, in the U.S., it is also becoming increasingly clear that at least some lies were told.

For instance, the war in Afghanistan was planned in July and scheduled for October so its only real connection to 9/11 was that it was “justified” to the public because of 9/11. This is not conspiracy theory. Jack Straw stated this as such and Tony Blair answered questions in Parliament about this issue. It simply doesn’t get press here.

The point for bringing this up is merely that unprovoked war was planned, without your consent but using public resources. In short, in the guns or butter choice, the vote went for guns. You get GMO margarine. In the matter of who ends up with the resources after they are redistributed, a very good argument can be made for pirates, aka Halliburton, Exxon-Mobile, Carlyle Group, etc., etc., etc.

However, it is not just your money and national honor, it is your sons and daughters and the sons and daughters of the Afghanis. If there are fewer people, there are fewer hands demanding the spoils of war and thus, most likely, more benefit to the rich and powerful. On the level important to the planners, war works.

Famine: GMO crops, weather manipulation, loss of bees, use of land for growing biofuels instead of food, toxins in food, mad cow disease, import regulations, and obstruction in transport systems and is not “natural” and it is not happening because Nature has turned against us. It is happening either because of gross mismanagement or policies conceived in the minds of people with the power required to turn their malevolence into action.

Disease: fraudulent medicine, suppression of authentic treatments, bioweapons, and genetic manipulation are just a few of the concerns and the problems have nothing whatsoever to do with lack of understanding of health or the need for multi-billion dollar wars on germs or diseases.

Because war, famine, and disease are all traditional instruments of political measures to control population, the “justifiable”, “natural”, and “epidemiological” factors associated with these “enterprises” are weakened to the point of irrelevancy. By this, I mean, if wars were only fought to protect the home turf or if famines only occurred because of cataclysmic natural events such as ice ages or volcanic upheaval or locusts or drought, “natural” would have meaning, but most famine today is either intentional or due to massive negligence. Likewise, were it not for the policies and practices of big money, medicine would be safe and reliable. We know this is not the case so it has to also be intentional.

The cure for the problem is personal action. It’s important to take actions that diminish the risks of unconscionable politics. We always start where our hearts are, looking after those we love and hopefully, there is a ripple effect that sets off more conscious action. Since we are clueless about our food, it’s best to grow our own and/or buy from local farmers we can trust . . . or from cooperatives that take their responsibilities to their fellow members seriously.

For health, you really have to educate yourself because system is not going to help you escape from its clutches. We have all been indoctrinated to believe that there is something miraculous and super powerful about anything new or modern, but the fact of the matter is that each of us is here today because our forebears found a way to survive challenges to existence and they relied entirely on methods we would now consider archaic. It’s important not to fall for the notion that archaic and obsolete have the same meaning. Traditional, ancient, and archaic may mean “tried and true” as opposed to experimental and promising.

I will get tired of writing these posts just as you tire of reading them, but please have your antennae stretched as far as possible.

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