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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Minerals are Essential for Frequency Work

Reading an article recently on mineral depletion in our soils and in the population, the claim was made that half the men in the United States are sterile because of mineral depletion in our food. Historically, there are civilizations which have died out because of this. Whether this claim is true or not, it did start me testing for my own mineral depletion and those I work with. In general, most people seem to have a significant shortage of trace minerals in their bodies.

I then tested a number of mineral supplements and found them not likely to be helpful. One of them proved to be useful, ConcenTrace Trace Minerals Drops, 10 drops twice a day in water (which is less than what is recommended on the package). You can get them at Whole Foods or most healthfood stores and in many places on the web.

Another product that has been recommended is ORMES Super-Conductive Ionic Minerals. The type of supplement that is best depends on the person and their nutritive state. So you may test positive for one and not the other. Again, accurate kinesthesiology testing is simple and essential.

For those doing research on frequency effects, it is essential to use Transfer Factor to pump up your immune system along with trace mineral supplements to get the results you expect to achieve.