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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Global Scaling Theory

Frequency Foundation is constantly researching new technology devices, particularly scalar technology systems that can project frequencies at a distance. To understand how these work requires some serious study of scalar systems.

What is it?

Copied part AW-Verlag website text:

With the aid of the so called Mueller fractal it is possible to find comprehensive views and conclusions about

  • Mass distribution of the universe
  • cause of forces like gravitation, electromagnetism, etc.
  • the essence of time,
  • preferred and avoided dimension ranges of nature for example for lengths, frequencies, temperatures, etc.,
  • distribution of prime numbers
  • interaction with DNA

The basic assumption of the theory appears very simple. In opposite to the – usually in science used – linear scales for many different physical properties, the theory of Global-Scaling assumes, that the natural scale is not linear but in first approximation logarithmic and in second approximations fractal and hyperbolic.

Who invented it?

Dr. rer. nat. Hartmut Müller, director of the Institute For Space-Energy-Research in memory of Leonard Euler (IREF), Wolfratshausen

What you can do with it?

  • Communication
  • Prognostication
  • Energy
  • Antigravity
  • Biotechnology
  • Medicine