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Dr. Douglas Spouts Off on the Flu Shot

You will need to take strong defensive action if you are forced to take a flu shot. This will not be a normal flu shot. Dr. Douglass’ recommendations are a good place to start.

How many shots are enough?

I was suspicious the moment I heard the talk of mass vaccinations for swine flu.

But now that they’re saying people may need as many as four flu shots this year, I’m no longer just suspicious — the lights are flashing and all my warning bells are ringing at full volume.

I don’t quite know just what they’re up to yet — but I’m pretty sure it has little to do with that weapon of mass distraction known as swine flu.

Apparently, health officials still know so little about the swine flu vaccine that they don’t even know how many shots people will need in order for it to be effective.

Welcome to your new life as a lab rat.

On top of that pig needle, they want everyone to get the regular flu shot. And if you’ve never had a flu shot before, well then, you should get two. .

It’s enough to make your head spin — or at least sprout a curly tail and start squealing.

We’ve had other disease panics in recent years, some far worse than swine flu, yet there was never any talk about mass forced vaccinations before, much less three or four jabs in a row.

There hasn’t been a forced vaccination scheme on this scale since the polio shots of the 1950s, but school officials are buying into the panic, hook, line and oinker. Why is it that some of the least educated people always end up in charge of education?

I’ve already told you what you can do to protect yourself if you’re forced to get a swine flu shot. The same goes for your kids, too.

Wiping the lipstick off the pig,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.