Discovery Channel Exposes Chemtrails

Frequency Foundation subscribers have received regular updates to Chemtrail frequencies for years. They contain frequencies that eliminate wide variety of biological organisms in addition to many metallic and chemical compounds hazardous to health.

Anyone who flies a lot has seen large unmarked planes taking off from major airports that carry these toxic substances for spraying. This is a global spraying campaign. Only China and Israel seem to be avoiding the spraying, perhaps because they do not allow illegal entry into their airspace.

The Discovery Channel piece focuses mainly on the global warming issues around chemtrails. However, weather modification, infecting an unsuspecting public with dieease, HAARP strategies for surveillance and other secret projects appear to be a few of the reasons our government allows widespread spraying of the population along with a massive disinformation campaign to keep people confused and ignorant.

You can view the Discover Channel program by clicking here.

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