Frequency Foundation Workshop in July – San Diego or Las Vegas

We keep receiving requests for another Workshop on the mainland and are considering July 10th and 11th in either San Diego or Las Vegas.  Below is one of many great comments from our latest Kauai Frequency Foundation Workshop.  If we receive enough requests we’ll schedule the July date.  Please e-mail Dale ( ASAP as we must locate a nice hotel.  Seating will be limited. Please include your comments as to what you wish to learn as this workshop is custom made for you.  Remember to include your phone number.  
Jeff Sutherland

‘Kauai was hands down the BEST Dr. Jeff Sutherland workshop ever!  I have been to several past workshops that Jeff and Dale have put together.  Dr Jeff and Dale consistently surprise me by introducing the latest information on frequency medicine. The laboratory techniques and experimental data you share with us are simply wonderful. Thank you Jeff, Dale & Carol for an experience of a life time. Please let me know when another one is taking place I’m coming with bells on. I believe you mentioned the possibly of July 10th and 11th in either Vegas or San Diego?   John Jacobs, Ph.D.

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  • William Snow Ph.D. Posted March 15, 2010 4:26 am

    Dr John is absolutely correct. We were at the workshop in Kauai also and it was the best yet! See you all in July. William Snow Ph.D.

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