Allergy Free Living – Spring Pollens

How do you live allergy free if you are allergic to pollens? Well you just need to know which pollens are active and what their frequencies are. Good weather has returned and a swine flu or other viral infection in combination with allergies can really be nasty!

Go to and insert your zip code and you will see todays predominate pollens. For 02144 the pollen count is medium today and going to high on the weekend. Allergy sufferers better be ready or you will be miserable.

Todays pollens are primarily Juniper and Poplar. We can create a frequency program that runs the pollen frequency for 12 seconds out of every minute. This is enough to give your immune system assistance and eliminate allergy symptoms. Your allergies are an inadequate immune response to the pollens entering your body. They are living things and cause an immune response. If your immune response is not adequate to eliminate them you have allergy symptoms.

Here is the program today for Juniper and Poplar. With an F165 frequency generator connected to an SC1 you can broadcast these frequencies to yourself wherever you are. Call Dale Fawcett for details on how to do this: 360 598-6585

#Pollens for zip code 02144 on 17 Mar 2010
#Program for F165 frequency generator – see
#Copyright © 2005-2010 Frequency Foundation, Somerville, MA, USA. All rights reserved.
#Frequencies published on this web site are released under non-commercial Creative Commons license
label loop
program c
vbackfreq a 0.002478752 0 50
vbackfreq b 0.049787068 0 50
dwell 15
fuzz .016% 1
432333 #Poplar
454343 #Juniperus Virginia
pause 45
goto loop

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