Frequency Update: Measles Vaccine Complex 2.0

The latest research shows that polyomavirus is associated with autism. Frequency Foundation has determined the frequency set for this virus and added it to the measles vaccine series. About 50% of the people I test appear to benefit from the measles vaccine frequency set so they are made available to other researchers for further testing.

Substantial updates to viral frequency and the frequency for mercury have been included in this version. The frequency program developed for multiple types of Rife devices includes:

*frequencies for polyomavirus
*frequencies that help eliminate mercury, aluminum, and fluoride
*measles virus frequency set
*frequencies for helping to eliminate fatty deposits in the brain
*frequency for stimulating hypothalamus function
*a second virus frequency set that always appears with measles virus
*multiple strains of candida and other fungi
*multiple parasite strains
*multiple bacterial infections

These multiple organisms appear in every case tested, i.e. they always occur together, and with a specific focus in the hypothalamus which leads to inability to process external stimuli properly. This affects internal perception of the world and causes a negative effect on interpersonal relations. Chronic infection of the hypothalamus with an aging immune system may cause more serious complications. Therefore, these organisms should all be eliminated as soon as possible.
Time Magazine reported on Autism recently. See “Inside the Autistic Mind” by Claudia Wallis, 15 May 2005. While this may be worth reading, you will get a lot more useful information from the New York Times:

Morrice, Polly. Evidence of Harm: What Causes the Autism Epidemic. New York Times, 17 Apr 2005.

Kirby, David. Evidence of Harm. New York Times, 17 Apr 2005. (First chapter of book)

Read David Kirby’s book. It’s enlightening!

Kirby, David. Evidence of Harm – Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controvery. St. Martins Griffin, 2005

Here, we can do some original research by doing Photo Analysis on the Time cover, assuming the boy is autistic. What does he have in his brain, particularly the hypothalamus? Visiting a physician colleague this week, I learned that his patients who look right through you and appear not to be home have a malfunctioning hypothalamus which he can easily fix in most cases.

The first thing I pick up is a parasite infection. Looks like one of the Lyme parasites he probably picked up from his dog. More important, he clearly has the measles virus in his brain and his gut. Autistic kids usually have serious intestinal problems.

Pulling out Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy and focusing on the brain, I find mercury and the measles virus located particularly in the hypothalamus. In addition, I find aluminum there. Kirby has documented the synergistic relationship between mercury and aluminum which allows the two together to kill far more neurons.

Since autistic children have altered physical structures in the brain, I looked for aberrant cells and found a frequency for fatty deposits. Finally, I identified the frequency for physically stimulating the hypothalamus.

Testing other people for this condition, I find that many people have the same problem in the hypothalamus. Mercury and aluminum evidently migrate to that area of the brain. Many people also have the measles virus in the hypothalamus, but not in the gut. Apparently, everyone that gets the vaccine has this problem, but not everyone is noticeably autistic.

Testing myself, I find the same contaminants in the hypothalamus. After developing an F165 program as a solution, I transmit the frequencies using one of my ABPA devices and find it has a soothing, relaxing, mellowing effect. The next morning I find it a little easier to focus, stimuli are less disturbing as I wake up, and I feel more comfortable with intimacy. Evidently, many of us are just a little bit autistic.

It should be noted that males, for genetic reasons, are far more susceptible to effects of this contamination than females, even though females also have mercury, aluminum, and measles in the hypothalamus. No wonder the women are complaining about the men all the time!

Running these frequencies stimulates the immune system and flushes out another virus, a strain of candida, two strains of babesia, and a bacteria. These do not seem to be present in the boy on the cover of Time. However, they seem to all be present across a group of adults that I have tested. This is yet another example of how compromising the immune system can lead to increasing negative effects with aging and associated exposure to other pathogens.

So autism looks like it is a combination of the mercury killing neurons and lowering immune function, in combination with other vaccine contaminants. This allows the measles virus to create a chronic infection. Those diagnosed with autism are genetically unable to eliminate mercury effectively, have higher mercury levels, and the virus chronically infects the gut and starts an autoimmune reaction. The hypothalamus is particularly infected.

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