EFT – Tapping is a fast and easy way to deal with trauma

During the 70s and 80s I spent 15 years as a leader and participant in various group therapy practices and found them useful. However, I was impressed at the amount of work and time it could take to eliminate small things and how many things after years of therapy were not possible to eliminate.

In frequency work I do not have the time or inclination to do therapeutic work. However, often people need some so I recommend a simple tapping technique which can sometimes do in a few minutes what cannot be done in years of therapy. Everyone should learn this as a child and use it regularly as needed. You can learn this on your own using information and videos available on the web, much of it for free.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a system of tapping on energy meridians in the upper part of the body while thinking about a negative event. Thinking about the event generates one set of signals in the brain and tapping generates another which disrupts the first.

Symptoms that people have from negative effects are caused by the signals in the brain that constantly regenerate and become more powerful by thinking about the event. The disruptive tapping signal disconnects the thinking signal from physical symptoms. Removing the reinforcing effect of the physical symptoms allows the repetitive signaling to fade away, along with the problem. This can often happen quite quickly in a few minutes.

Social Anxiety Solutions has multiple descriptions of how it works.

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Mechanoreceptors are specialized receptors that respond to mechanical forces such as tapping, massaging, or holding. Among their types: Meissner corpuscles, Pacini corpuscles, Merkel discs, and Ruffini corpuscles.

They are sensitive to stimulation on the surface of the skin anywhere on the body.
The acupuncture points (the points tapped on with EFT), called “hsue” in traditional Chinese medicine, are loci that have a particularly high concentration of mechanoreceptors, free nerve endings, and neurovascular density.

The signals that are initiated when tapping hsue travel as afferent stimuli that are capable of reaching the cortex, the amygdala, and the hippocampus.

Mechanoreceptors are distributed all over the skin surface. The signal that is generated by tapping travels via large myelinated fibers, ascends ipsilaterally through the medial lemniscus, and triggers the somato-sensory cortex at the parietal lobes and the prefrontal cortex.

From there, the signal reaches the amygdala, hippocampus, and other structures where the emotional problem has neurological entity, and the signal apparently disrupts established patterns.

After EFT treatment there are reductions in cortisol, a primary stress hormone, and these reductions are accompanied by improvements in heart rate variability (HRV).

HRV and cortisol are primary stress markers for a wide variety of genetic, hormonal, and neurological effects of stress. They both correlate with significant changes in the conditions measured on the SA-45 questionnaire (Church, 2008c).

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  • Margaret Posted January 31, 2013 9:31 am

    this is really good for emotional health. EFT works well if you will do it right. Better learn from the experts.

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