Kauai Workshop Agenda – 2-3 Jan 2011

I’ll be talking about my lab setup in Kauai and showing how to use it for frequency transmission. We have created a smaller, cheaper, and more powerful lab system over the years. The basic components consist of an F165 frequency generator that is run by a laptop computer. The reference frequency generator is used by the leading Rife machine manufacturers and puts out three channels of clean signals from 0-50 million hertz. I use the entire frequency range to get quicker and more comprehensive results compared to low frequency devices.

The computer is attached to a DMI device placed on top of the SC-1A scalar wave generator. The DMI allows high resolution digital photos to be used for frequency transmission. The DMI is a very sophisticated enhancement of ABPA technologies which were formerly dependent on Polaroid photos.

Not shown is a Harmony Evolution chip which is placed under the DMI on top of the SC-1A. This improves the effectiveness of the frequencies by more than an order of magnitude.

This simple setup is the basic component for my laboratories. I run up to ten F165 devices attached to a single computer. Each F165 has two SC-1 devices that allow transmission of frequencies to multiple targets.

We will also discuss several technologies that you can use in combination with this lab to improve general health and well being.

Let us know if you wish to join us on Kauai at the Aloha Beach Resort on Jan. 2nd and 3rd for an advanced frequency seminar with private meetings with Jeff and/or Carol on Jan. 4th and 5th. Your requests for content is appreciated and honored.
Email Jeff or Dale and Carol with any questions: drjeffsutherland@gmail.com, dale.fawcett@gmail.com or call: 360 598-6585.

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