Latest Update: Frequency Foundation Seminar 16-17 July 2011 San Diego

In preparation for the July seminar, several participants have asked about hardware setups for maximum health benefits.

Frequency Foundation does not make or sell any hardware. However we use the best hardware available from around the world. We are regularly working with some of the leading inventors and innovators in the field and the modify, enhance, or even create total new devices based on your and our needs.

The latest setup available for frequency work uses the following technologies:

1. Cameron Aurameter (kinethesiology is used for frequency identification)
    Available from Bill Cox as
2. F165 (for most people) and F175 (for programmers and encrypted applications)
    Available from Dale Fawcett (see contact information below)
3. Harmony Evolution Chip
    Available on this web site and increases effectiveness by a factor of 25
4. The new SG-1 (upgrade from SC-1) and at least five times as effective
    Available from Dale Fawcett (see contact information below)
5. DMI for use with high resolution digital photos
    Available from Dale Fawcett (see contact information below)
6. ABPA (alternative to SG-1)
    The ABPA has many others applications other than frequency work.
    It requires a special adaptor to connect to frequency devices and a green antennae board.
    The DMI is inserted into the ABPA for digital photo work.
    Available from Dale Fawcett (see contact information below)

The best setup for frequency work uses an F165/Harmony Evolution Chip/DMI/ SG-1. The geometry of the setup is critical. Frequency Foundation subscribers are regularly provided detailed information on this. The photo below shows the configuration of the Harmony Evolution Chip/DMI/SG-1. For more detail subscribe to Frequency Foundation for access to frequencies and technology descriptions.

Experienced seminar attendees may want to experiment with the Cameron Aurameter and this hardware configuration before the seminar as we will go over in detail. Others will be able to see how to work with frequency and other healthcare equipment at the seminar.

Exciting News for Dr. Sutherland’s Frequency Foundation Seminar, July 16-17

Thank you to those who’ve already enrolled for our most advanced Dr. Sutherland Workshop EVER on July 16 and 17th!
Even if you’re only considering coming to our San Diego Workshop, please call the lovely Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina SOON before our room block is sold out. It costs you nothing to reserve one of these lovely harbor view rooms for $129/night! Hotel contact info is located below. This is truly a super hotel with jogging paths, pools, restaurants, Starbucks, and more! Consider bringing your familiy and making it a really nice vacation!

Sheraton San Diego
Hotel & Marina
1380 Harbor Island Drive
San Diego, California 92101
P: (877) 734-2726
For the best rate & to honor our room block, please tell them you’re with Dr. Sutherland’s Frequency Foundation Workshop.
Comments from attendees who came to our last conference:
  • “Best workshop ever;”
  • “I’m finally able to find my own frequencies;”
  • “The workshop was amazing! Thank you for showing us all the great business applications!”
Dr. Sutherland is flying in early if you wish a Private Session with him on Friday, July 15th. Carol will also be booking privates that day for those who are familiar with her work. Please book soon or call for more information as over 50% of Dr. Jeff’s slots are filled. 

Below are some of the new applications you will learn (and we are still taking requests from you):

  1. Most advanced F-165 programming ever — so you can practice using Jeff’s research;
  2. More practical AuraMeter breakout sessions than we’ve ever done;
  3. Introducing new equipment that will revolutionize frequency research!
  4. Fine tune, optimize, and operate your Remote Lab using a laptop from anywhere;
  5. New ways to detox radiation and other pollutants;
  6. New ways to increase business revenue from those that have already done it!
  7. Guest speaker with hair raising research you will want to hear to be announced soon!
If you have any requests for future topics or locations, NOW is your chance to email Dr. Sutherland or Dale Fawcett and let us know what you’d like to see. We CAN promise exciting new research equipment that Jeff briefly discussed in Kauai for the first time that will revolutionize this work completely. We WILL have to limit attendance so that everyone will have the education and research experience they desire.

Remember — these workshops are custom designed for you by Dr. Sutherland so we appreciate your comments and suggestions! Please contact Dale at (360) 598-6585 or for more information or to ensure your place. The time to ask questions is now!

If you think you’d like to join us in San Diego, please reserve your spot sooner than later; the conference and private sessions fill quickly!

To subscribe to Dr. Sutherland’s newsletter & frequency sets, please go to:
Click on Frequency Subscription.

Let’s make 2011 the best year yet!
Dale & Carol

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