Airborne Aerosol Spraying: Summary Article


Chemtrails are trails of substances sprayed from devices attached on aircraft into the upper atmosphere and into the air we breathe. They differ from the condensation trails sometimes seen emanating from planes in a number of ways, including that they often linger in the sky for more than half-an-hour, and can fill an otherwise clear-blue sky with an unnatural-looking cloud cover within which the tell-tale signs of electromagnetic gravity waves emerge.

Chemtrails in a criss-cross pattern
While politicians typically tend to elude the issue of chemtrails or erroneously claim that they don’t exist, there’s a staggering amount of information available about them on the Internet to show that they do.  At the time of writing there were about 1,730,000 entries at Google under ‘chemtrail,’ videos from around the world, numerous official documents related to their use and a wide variety of opinions regarding what they are used for.  This article will focus on the latter.

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  • Jeff Sutherland Posted June 22, 2011 6:58 am

    Looking at the many possible uses of chemtrails you will notice that they may be useful for HAARP frequency programs, one of which is weather manipulation. A reader sent me this link which shows how disruptive weather patterns may be generated.

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