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Jeff Sutherland

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Mumps Frequencies Version 1.1

Photograph showing child with mumps
See Mayo Clinic article on mumps

Some time ago a child my spouse was caring for came down with a runny nose which the following day became flu like symptoms with a fever. My wife had a pronounced swelling of the parotid gland. Frequencies were looking like a flue frequency set (see previous message below). She thought her lymph glands were swollen, but plate zapping lymph nodes with the frequencies detected did not do much.

A physician friend examined her and thought the swelling was lower on her jaw than the parotid gland. Since she was not noticably ill and mumps can be serious in an adult who was never vaccinated or had mumps, he discounted it. However, when I began treating her, the swelling was definitely above the jaw bone in the location of the parotid gland.

Since I happen to have a homeopathic Mumps nosode, I checked and she tested positive. Within a day or two the Mumps nosode along with some Oscillicosinum and frequency treatment kept her well and eliminated the swelling.

She, of course, infected me with the disease and over the course of a few days, I was able to identify the frequency set. I was never really ill because I detected the frequencies as soon as minor symptoms appeared.

More recently my spouse came back from the orthodontist with a swollen left jaw. After a few days she said it feels like mumps. Sure enough it was. Mumps is very infectious and I had to run frequencies for the whole family.

An upgraded frequency set for mumps is posted on the subscribers list.